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Archived Schedules

Current Term Schedules The schedule of classes for a given term is available approximately three weeks prior to when registration for that term begins. A term's schedule is considered current until the same term's schedule becomes active the following year (i.e., the Fall 2008 schedule is current until the Fall 2009 schedule becomes available).
Fall 2014
Spring 2015
Final Archived Schedules A copy of a given term's final schedule of classes and policy section is archived right before the same term's schedule becomes active the following year (i.e., the Fall 2008 schedule copy is archived at the point that the Fall 2009 schedule becomes available).

Archived Schedules/Policies
Schedule Policy Section
UWinteriM 2015 Schedule
Summer 2014 Schedule Summer 2014 Policies
Spring 2014 Schedule Spring 2014 Policies
Fall 2013 Schedule Fall 2013 Policies
Summer 2013 Schedule Summer 2013 Policies
UWinteriM 2013 Schedule UWinteriM 2013 Policies
Spring 2013 Schedule Spring 2013 Policies
Fall 2012 Schedule Fall 2012 Policies
Summer 2012 Schedule Summer 2012 Policies
Spring 2012 Schedule Spring 2012 Policies
UWinteriM 2012 Schedule UWinteriM Policies
Fall 2011 Schedule Fall 2011 Policies
Summer 2011 Schedule Summer 2011 Policies
Spring 2011 Schedule Spring 2011 Policies
UWinteriM 2011 Schedule UWinteriM 2011 Policies
Fall 2010 Schedule Fall 2010 Policies
Summer 2010 Schedule Summer 2010 Policies
Spring 2010 Schedule Spring 2010 Policies
UWinteriM 2010 Schedule UWinteriM 2010 Policies
Fall 2009 Schedule Fall 2009 Policies
Summer 2009 Schedule Summer 2009 Policies
Spring 2009 Schedule Spring 2009 Policies
UWinteriM 2009 Schedule Policies included in schedule
Fall 2008 Schedule Fall 2008 Policies
Summer 2008 Schedule Summer 2008 Policies
Spring 2008 Schedule Spring 2008 Policies