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Chancellor Mark Mone
Dear UWM Colleague,

Our campus success over the past year continues to be directly related to your support of our mission and goals. While we continue to advance our priority goals of research and access, we also continue to support our external campaign of embracing community through campus giving. Our State and University Employees Combined Giving Campaign (SECC) continues to build capacity for our partnerships and linkages with the external community. Through the generosity of you, our Faculty and Staff (both active and retired), special campus events, and general donations, we were able to top our goal in last year's campaign-raising over $120,000.

We are ready to challenge ourselves again, and to provide the same, if not higher, amount to our greater Milwaukee area community nonprofits, many of whom engage in important research and volunteer efforts with our University. One way of delivering this message is through the support of the 2014 Milwaukee Partners in Giving Campaign which runs from October 6, 2014 to November 14, 2014.

What's the good news? You are already registered to participate in the SECC Campaign. All staff and faculty are eligible to make their gift through a confidential process. As in the past, you can target your donation to any of the hundreds of agencies described in the enclosed pamphlet. Your division/department coordinator will ensure that you receive the appropriate forms, which you will return in a sealed envelope. You will have the option of donating online or via paper forms. Retired Faculty and Staff will receive their pledge packets via US mail.

I invite you to keep track of all SECC events, weekly incentive prize drawings, and other information by clicking on the SECC link at Please feel free to contact LaTonya Perryman, who is assisting Dr. Joan Prince with the 2014 campaign at or (414) 229-3101 with any questions.

Thank you for considering my request to support the 2014 SECC Campaign. By taking part in this process, you will again be of assistance to those who most need our help. Let's continue to be the institution that scores for the community. "I Make It Possible, and So Can You!"


Mark A. Mone, Ph.D.
Interim Chancellor

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