Hearing and Appeals Committee

Dear Academic Staff Member:

As you begin the Hearing and Appeals process, the UW-Milwaukee Academic Staff Hearing and Appeals Committee (ASHAC) wants you to be aware of the parameters defining the Committee’s ability to hold and/or call a hearing.

Guided by the Academic Staff Policies and Procedures, the ASHAC serves as a neutral body for appeals from academic staff members who believe action has been taken that has unfairly or adversely affected his/her employment status. In an attempt to substantiate the evidence needed to proceed with a hearing, the ASHAC will conduct a full and fair review of the circumstances surrounding the appeal. The Committee’s foremost task is to protect the rights of all parties concerned to the best of our abilities and maintain the standards of the University.

Your first step, prior to submitting any documentation, is to review the references listed below as they contain pertinent procedural information. The Committee calls your attention to due dates and maximum filing time limits within these documents correlating to your respective appeal, complaint or grievance. 

UW-Milwaukee Academic Staff Policies and Procedures

UW-System Administrative Code (esp Chapters 4-13)

ASHAC Process and Procedures

ASHAC Hearing Protocol

ASHAC Information Packet

To facilitate the work of the Committee, please use the Academic Staff Hearing and Appeals Intake Form as a tool to organize all meaningful documentation related to your appeal. In order to maintain confidentiality, please print the completed Intake Form and submit it with concise and relevant documentation to the Secretary of the University, Business N450.

Thank you,

UW-Milwaukee Academic Staff Hearing and Appeals Committee