University Staff (formerly Classified Staff)

The University Staff Committee(s) are the representative body of the University staff at UWM.  They represent all staff employees regardless of appointment type (permanent, project or limited term) proportionately by employment category (Administrative; Blue Collar, Trades, Technical, Security and Police; and Professional/Supervisory).  There are over 1300 University Staff employees at UWM.


University Staff Governance information


University Staff Committee

University Staff Grievance Committee


USAC Elections:

  • Candidate Biographies 2016
  • Election Results 2016

    Present officers were re-elected for the term of May 17, 2016 to May 16, 2017.
    • Stan Yasaitis-Chair
    • Randall Trumbull Holper-Vice Chair
    • Debra Anders-Secretary
    • Stephen Kennedy-Treasurer