No: S-10

Date: January 1998--Rev.(2)

Authority: UWM Administration

One individual is designated annually to serve as "Building Chair" for each building at UWM, by the Assistant Chancellor of Administrative Affairs.

The functions of a building chair are to:

  1. Notify the Physical Plant Services Dispatcher (x 4742) of any malfunctions of facilities or equipment (i.e., roofs, corridors, rest rooms, building exteriors, etc.) that is not under the direct supervision of any department chair.

  2. Serve as a liaison between departments and Physical Plant Services in matters pertaining to building equipment and maintenance.

  3. Serve as a liaison between departments and the Campus Security Committee and the University Police Department in matters pertaining to security and safety issues and policies.

  4. Coordinate,

    a. with the departments in the building, the placement of security information;

    b. with Physical Plant Services, the placement of bulletin boards and signs within the building;

    c. with I&MT (Network Operations Center NOC), the location of public campus phones within the building;

    d. the assurance that all required postings are posted on the building bulletin board.

  5. Meet periodically with other building chairs to discuss matters related to building maintenance and security. Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs will convene at least one meeting of building chairpersons per year.

  6. Be prepared to communicate with UWM Administrative Affairs' departments on facility using e-mail.

  7. Appoint a Building Chairperson Alternate.