No: S-16

Date: June 14, 1988--Rev.(1)
(Original, December 16, 1985)

Authority: UWM Administration

On Campus

Action at the Scene and Immediate Contacts

  1. Witness/discoverer informs University Police, who go to the scene.

  2. University Police inform dean of students (in his/her absence, assistant chancellor for student affairs) and News Services.

  3. Dean of students informs assistant chancellor for student affairs and confirms that department head in the area in which the event occurred (e.g., Residence Life) has been informed.

  4. Assistant chancellor or dean of students goes to the scene of the incident as does the department head.

  5. University Police are in charge at the scene until all appropriate actions have been taken.

  6. Student's family informed by University Police or by assistant chancellor for student affairs.

    Communication with Appropriate University Personnel and the Media

  7. Assistant chancellor or dean of students informs chancellor, legal affairs, and appropriate academic dean of incident after arriving at the scene and getting available details.

  8. University Police are responsible for media responses at the time of the incident, issuing details in their possession. Media requests for statements from university officials should be referred to News Services.

  9. News Services is the media contact following incident. All communications from media are referred to that office or to its director.

    Response to the Family

  10. Department director contacts the family later in the day of the incident or the following day expressing condolences on behalf of university officials and offering assistance with any university-related arrangements.

  11. Assistant chancellor for student affairs or dean of students contacts family the following day for the same purpose. Draft of letter of sympathy from the chancellor is prepared by the assistant to the chancellor.

  12. In the event of a death, funeral and/or wake are attended by appropriate departmental personnel if held in Milwaukee area. Also, assistant chancellor for student affairs and/or dean of students attends if possible.

  13. Office of the Registrar is informed in the event of a death and makes appropriate changes in university records and arranges consequent refunds.

    Follow-up Activities

  14. Department head is responsible for providing support and care to other students affected by the incident. For example, in a residence hall incident, meetings and other activities may be needed to control rumors or to provide support for other residents.

  15. Department director and appropriate department personnel meet with assistant chancellor for student affairs and dean of students within a reasonable time to review incident and discuss changes that may be required in the future.

Off Campus

When a death or serious injury of student occurs off campus and is related to a university sponsored program, the procedures stated above apply where appropriate. At a minimum the procedures followed in such circumstances are to include the following:

  1. The faculty/staff member at the scene of the accident should immediately contact University Police.

  2. University Police will immediately contact the assistant chancellor for administrative affairs.

  3. The assistant chancellor for administrative affairs will contact the chancellor, vice chancellor and assistant chancellors for student affairs and university relations.

  4. Each official will contact his/her immediate staff to take appropriate action.