No: S-21.5

Date: May 1996 - (rev)
(Original October 1992)

Authority: UWM Administration

This policy establishes guidelines for the various types of distinguished professorships on the UWM campus. It defines required funding, duration of the appointments, and the procedures by which a position is established and an individual appointed. All except UWM Distinguished Professorships require extramural contributions, and fund raising must be conducted according to UWS 11.05 and UWM S-27. All appointments must be approved by the chancellor.

1.    Definitions and Funding Levels

Endowed Chairs

These are extramurally supported professorships. Endowments should be at least $500,000, and the interest on the endowment must provide all or a substantial portion of the professor's salary as well as any support provided for scholarly work. Appointment to an endowed chair normally will be subject to renewal at least every fifth year.

Named Professorships

Investment principal, interest income, and/or annual donation must provide at least $20,000 a year toward the salary and/or scholarly support for a named professor. The term of a named professorship should be for at least three years and will be subject to renewal at least every fifth year. The term cannot extend beyond the funding.

Wisconsin Distinguished Professorships

Defined by legislation, these professorships require at least $25,000 in extramural support annually for at least five years. This donation is matched by $25,000 in state funds. These professorships are in areas of vital or emerging economic significance to the state. Appointments, which may not be for more than five years, are made on the basis of a competitive process conducted throughout the UW system.

UWM Distinguished Professorships

These positions are awarded solely on the basis of scholarly distinction and may be held simultaneously with an endowed chair, named professorship or Wisconsin Distinguished Professorship. Appointment requires the positive recommendation of the UWM Committee of Distinguished Professors.*

2.    Approval to Establish Professorships

Before beginning formal arrangements to establish an endowed chair or named or Wisconsin Distinguished Professorship, approval must be obtained from the chancellor (UWM S-27).

3.    Initial and Renewal Approval Procedures

All campus endowed chairs or names or distinguished professorship appointments must be recommended by a departmental executive committee and the appropriate dean and be approved by the chancellor and the Board of Regents. In addition, UWM Distinguished Professor appointments must have the positive recommendation of the UWM Committee of Distinguished Professors.

*In the case of renewals, the dean is required to consult with the department executive committee and provide the committee with the opportunity to make recommendations.