No: S-34

Date: November 5, 1974

Authority: UWM Administration

  1. There must be explicit understandings concerning which departments and operating divisions (schools or colleges) are involved.

  2. The proportion of time carried in each department is to be specified. If these fractions are to be changed or reviewed at some future time, this should also be stated. The started date of the joint appointment is to be established in this context.

  3. It should be clear whether the appointment is on an annual or academic year basis, what sharing of salary is involved, and which department is to take the initiative in future merit salary considerations.

  4. For tenured faculty, the tenure "home" and divisional membership are to be specified; incoming faculty have certain elective choices concerning the latter. For probationary appointments, there must be a similar specification of probationary service and duration of initial appointment.

  5. Membership on departmental faculties and executive committees is to be determined prior to initial appointment.

  6. Each joint appointment is to be culminated with a written and accepted letter of offer. Copies are to be filed with each department chairman and dean (or division head).

Note that if the joint appointment involves more than one chancellor-headed unit of the UW System, the appropriate vice chancellor must be informed at the beginning of negotiations. [See S-33, Interinstitutional Recruiting.]