No: S-37

Date: November, 1981

Authority: UWM Administration


It is the responsibility of the Mail Services to collect, sort and deliver campus mail for all properly authorized users. By definition, campus mail includes only materials related to the conduct of official university business. The use of the campus mails to send personal materials is forbidden.

Five categories of users qualify for use of the campus mail system.

    1. All official departments of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, the University of Wisconsin System and the State of Wisconsin;

    2. Student organizations, when their use of the mail system has been specifically authorized by the Office of Student Life;

    3. Non-university organizations, through sponsorship by an official university department;

    4. The Wisconsin State Employees Union, according to the provisions of its contracts with the State of Wisconsin; and

    5. Other labor organizations or special interest groups, by direct permission of the chancellor, as that procedure is administered by the office of the secretary of the university.

All official departments have an absolute right to use the campus mail system. The WSEU has a limited right defined by contract.

The remaining three categories of users are being granted the privilege to use the campus mail system subject to the cost, feasibility and availability of service. At the discretion of the manager of mail services, mailings originated by these users may be given a lower priority. The number of mailings may be limited or delivery of a mailing may be limited to a certain percentage of the total organizational membership. If a user in this category fails to meet the requirements set forth below, distribution of the mailing may be held up by the manager of mail services until those requirements are met. Finally, the privilege to use the campus mails may be revoked at any time by the authority who granted the privilege.


It is the responsibility of the Mail Services to provide mail services to authorized users in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, consistent with the content of this policy paper. It is also the responsibility of Mail Services to develop internal procedures to handle the campus mail, provide cost estimates to users who must pay for the use of campus mail and provide forms to those users for the receipt of cash.

It is the responsibility of the Office of the Secretary of the University to compile and maintain an accurate listing of all labor organizations and special interest groups that have been granted access to the University campus mail system. That listing will include the name of the organization, its official mailing address and telephone number, and the name, campus address and telephone number of an authorized representative of the user organization who will be responsible for all campus mailings made by that organization. This list will constitute the "official list" of users and will be provided to the Mail Services for its use in administering the campus mail program. No organization excluded from the "official list" will be granted mailing privileges.

It will be the responsibility of the Office of Student Life to keep records of mailings prepared by authorized student organizations. Those mailings must be submitted to Mail Services through the Office of Student Life. Mailings received directly from student organizations will not be processed.

It is the responsibility of each department that sponsors a non-university group to maintain records of mailings prepared by that group. It will also be the responsibility of each individual department to submit mailings for these groups. Mailings received directly from outside groups will not be processed.

It will be the responsibility of the Labor Relations Office of the Department of Human Resources to oversee official mailings by the WSEU to ascertain that they comply with the requirements of their respective contracts. Mail Services is not authorized to distribute WSEU mailings that have not been approved by the Labor Relations Office and any mailings received without approval will be held until Labor Relations approval is secured.

It will be the responsibility of student organizations, outside organizations, labor organizations and special interest groups to make themselves aware of this policy, to petition the appropriate authority for permission to use the mails, to provide that authority with all of the information required, to clearly designate an agent who will authorize mailings for organizations and (where appropriate) prepay the costs for distributing the mailing.


Mail Services will not distribute any mailing received from an organization that is not authorized to use the campus mail system. It is not the responsibility of Mail Services to notify the unauthorized organization that the mailing will not be handled and the mailing may be disposed of at the discretion of the manager of mail services.

Mail Services may, at its discretion, treat mailings by users in privileged category as low priority mail. Under no circumstances is Mail Services required to institute any special handling procedures for these mailings.

A handling charge will be assessed, when appropriate, on mailings by labor organizations and other special interest groups in accordance with rates submitted to and approved by the chancellor. Prepayment may be required before a mailing is handled. Inquiries concerning current rates and applicability of those rates should be directed to the Mail Services at extension 4260 or extension 6103.

It will not be the responsibility of Mail Services to provide assistance to users except as stated in this policy. Failure by the user to secure proper permission, to assure that a proper listing is made on the "official list," to complete necessary forms, etc. may cause the Manager of Mail Services to refuse to handle the mailing until those conditions are met. It will be the sole responsibility of the user to see that the conditions of participation are met and for following up to see that the mailing has been distributed.