No: S-5

Date: September 1997--Rev (7)
(Original, April 1980)

Authority: UWM Administration

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to ensure adequate controls over the use of alcoholic beverages on the UWM Campus. The university will not tolerate the illegal use of alcoholic beverages on campus. The purpose of the policy is to discourage the abuse of alcohol and to promote responsible behavior within the campus community.

  1. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on all university lands, except in units specifically designated by the chancellor. Within areas so designated, the consumption of alcohol may occur at suitable times and under decorous conditions in conference, meetings or dining facilities.

  2. Age eligibility checking is required whenever alcoholic beverages are served on campus. Normally, alcoholic beverages should be served from a location that is separated from those areas that are accessible to underage persons.

  3. Providers must deny service to those individuals who appear to be drinking in excess.

  4. Non-alcoholic beverages, food, and/or snacks must be available at all events and in Dining Service units when alcohol is served.

  5. Alcoholic beverages, or certificates for the same, may not be provided as awards, prizes or promotions.

  6. UWM Dining Services is responsible for all sales of alcoholic beverages at UWM except those at the Hefter Center and the downtown campus, which may be handled by the DOCEx food and beverage contractor.

  7. Alcoholic beverages may be served in designated Dining Service units and in certain campus areas that must be reserved in advance. Those campus areas are the UWM Alumni House, Chancellor's Residence, Chapman Hall, Fine Arts Gallery, Golda Meir Library Conference Center, American Geographical Society Collection Room, Greene Hall, Edith S. Hefter Conference Center, Purin Hall, Sandburg Complex and the UWM Union. These locations are subject to yearly review by the secretary of the university and the assistant chancellor for student affairs.

    Student residents who are of legal drinking age may possess or consume alcoholic beverages in student rooms in the residence halls. (Refer to Rules and Regulations in the Residence Halls Contract).

  8. Other campus areas may be designated on a per-event basis provided they have been approved by the appropriate deans or division heads* in space allotted to their units. The approving authority will assume direct responsibility for the event and for ensuring that it is held under decorous conditions, and that the staff who are involved are aware of and are following the above guidelines. The chancellor's office shall be notified at least a week prior to the event that such authorization has been given.

  9. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the chancellor.

* The chief executive officers of the eleven schools and colleges and of the divisions of academic
affairs, administrative affairs, students affairs, and university relations.