No: S-50

Date: March 27, 1997
(Revised, February 16, 1984)
(Original, October 18, 1976)

Authority: UWM Administration

Student and Volunteer use of state-owned vehicles may be approved only for official University business (including activities necessary to sustain a traveler away from home) and as part of a student's work responsibility as a student employee.

Some examples of approved usage are:

The use of vehicles by student employees, students and volunteers is governed by the policies and procedures that apply to University employees. Specifically, vehicle usage is for the conduct of official university business. In order to drive a state owned vehicle a Driver Authorization Form must be filed with the Risk Management Office at least 2 weeks in advance of the trip. This form authorizes Risk Management to do a "drivers check" and it serves as the official "Agent Agreement" when the Supervisor has signed the form. Liability protection is provided only when an individual is operating within "scope of employment or agency."