No: S-52.5

Date: January 1998

Authority: UWM Faculty Document 2019 and
                  UWM Administration


  1. All departments/instructional units will conduct end-of-the-semester student evaluations in every section of every course, including summer session courses.

  2. The department/instructional unit will determine the format of its course evaluations and the method by which it will make the summary results of these evaluations available to students.1

  3. Results shall be available in the department/instructional unit office for a minimum of two years.2

  4. Departments/instructional units will provide annually a brief report of their procedures for making the results available to students, to their Dean and the University Committee.

  5. Each unit will ensure that evaluations are not available for faculty review until after grades have been submitted.

  6. End of the semester student evaluations will be anonymous.


  1. Departments/instructional units are encouraged to incorporate peer reviews and self-reviews as part of their faculty's ongoing professional development.

  2. Faculty are encouraged to conduct evaluations of teaching during the semester as well as at the end of the semester in order to increase teaching effectiveness.

  3. Departments/instructional units are encouraged to send summary results of teaching evaluations to the Student Association.

1 Students or anyone else, may obtain evaluation documents, via a public record request, except that all written comments must first be reviewed by the
    public records custodian to determine if they should not be released.

2  State guidelines for retention of public information require retention for 6 years for non-tenured faculty.