No: S-56

Date: July 1, 1992 -Rev. (2)
(Original April 8, 1977

Authority: UPG #9 (July 1, 1992) )


Annual pay basis staff, other than students, student assistants, employees-in-training, and hourly appointees, accrue paid vacation entitlement at 22 work days per year of full-time employment upon meeting the initial sick leave eligibility requirements of UWS 19.02(1), Wis. Adm. Code. Academic year pay basis staff do not accrue paid vacation entitlement. All unclassified staff, except students, student assistants, employees-in-training and hourly appointees, are entitled to the paid holidays listed in s. 230.35(4)(a), Wis. Stats., when classes are not scheduled.


In determining vacation/annual leave schedules for eligible staff, the employing unit shall endeavor to accommodate the staff member's wishes, subject to necessary balancing of vacation periods among all eligible staff to assure ongoing attention to workload demands on the employing unit. All appointees are entitled to a vacation of at least ten consecutive working days during each fiscal year.


Staff are encouraged to use vacation leave in the year in which it accrues. Periodic vacation is essential and contributes to a high level of performance at the university. Carryover of unused vacation from one fiscal year to beyond September 30th of the next year must be approved by the head of the employing unit and in no case may it be carried beyond the next June 30th.

Beginning with the fiscal year starting on July 1, 1993, staff who have completed ten or more years of State of Wisconsin service in appointments earning vacation, or as unclassified university participants in the Wisconsin Retirement System, may, at their option, reserve up to five days of vacation/annual leave each fiscal year (or a prorated number of days for staff employed less than full time) in an Annual Leave Reserve Account. The total number of days accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account shall not exceed 22. Vacation/annual leave accumulated in Annual Leave Reserve Account may be used at any time, subject to the provisions of Vacation/Annual leave Scheduling (above).


Annual pay basis staff terminating their employment with a UW System institution shall receive a lump sum payment for vacation/annual leave credits accrued or accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account.

Staff transferring from one institution to another within the UW System or from the UW System to a Wisconsin state agency may negotiate with the new employer to accept responsibility for unused vacation/annual leave accrued or accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account if use of those credits prior to transfer is not possible. Where unused vacation/annual leave accrued or accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account is not transferred, the vacation credit shall be paid to the staff member as a lump sum amount.

When the staff member is transferring to an appointment ineligible for earning vacation, vacation/ annual leave accrued or accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account may be used before the transfer. When this is not possible, the accrued vacation/annual leave credit may be paid to the employee as a lump sum amount or may be retained until all university employment is terminated.


Vacation records at UWM are kept on a fiscal year basis (July 1 to June 30) in the same manner required for sick leave records and reporting. Maintenance of vacation records is the responsibility of the deans' or division heads' offices. Each employee shall have access to his/her vacation records.


Wisconsin Statutes, s. 230.34(4)(a), establishes paid holidays (when offices of the state government, including those of the UW system, are not required to be open for business) for eligible unclassified staff as defined in the Policy Statement (above). In addition to four floating holiday hours, those holidays are:

a) January 1 (New Year's Day)*
b) The third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Day observed)
c) The last Monday in May, which shall be the day of celebration for May 30 (Memorial Day)
d) July 4 (Independence Day)*
e) The first Monday in September (Labor Day)
f) The fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)
g) December 24 (Christmas Eve)*
h) December 25 (Christmas Day)*
i) December 31 (New Year's Eve)*

*The following day if the day falls on a Sunday. If the days falls on a Saturday (or, if December 24 and 31 fall on a Sunday), a floating legal holiday is granted in addition to the paid vacation entitlement specified in this guideline.