No: S-7

Date: November 21, 1997-Rev. (2)
(Original, July 21, 1980)

Authority: Regent Policy Document 85-4
                  and UWM Administration


UWM is committed to the philosophy of firm institutional control of athletics, to the unquestioned financial integrity of athletic programs, and to the accountability of the athletic department and the values and goals benefitting higher education.

Fund-Raising Campaigns

Fund-raising efforts for intercollegiate athletics shall be in strict compliance with applicable rules and regulations of any intercollegiate athletic association or conference of which the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a member. All UW System and UWM fund-raising policies and regulations will be complied with and all fund-raising activities will take place according to a plan submitted to the assistant chancellor for student affairs for initial approval and, subsequently, to the special assistant to the chancellor for development and alumni relations.

Departmental Personnel

The Athletic Department director of development, with the approval of the athletic director, will coordinate all fund-raising activity within the Athletic Department and the UWM Foundation.

Fund-raising activities are to be included as a duty in the job descriptions for all coaches and departmental administrators. The percentage of time assigned to this duty will vary with the level of importance of fund-raising for each position or program and the time available for the performance of this responsibility. If the efforts of the staff are for the support of the activities of a booster club that is a separate entity from the university, the members of the staff must engage in these efforts on their own time.

Departmental Resources

The resources of the department (clerical staff, supplies, telephones, etc.) May be used to solicit funds for the support of an intercollegiate athletic program or the department. If the resources are for activities of a booster club that is a separate entity, the use of departmental resources must be covered by a formal agreement that recovers the cost for these resources from the organization. The assistant chancellor for administrative affairs must sign such an agreement.


All contributions for athletic program support are to be made payable to the university or the UWM Foundation and sent to the UWM Department of Athletics to be deposited in the appropriate account. In the case of an organized fund drive, a pre-prepared donor's card with a line for the donor's signature may be used to specify the purpose of the gift and the extent to which the donation is tax deductible.

Booster Organizations

  1. In order to be recognized officially as an intercollegiate athletics organization, the organization's registration with the Department of Athletics must be accepted by formal action of the Athletic Board. Registration must include (a) the organization's name, (b) statement of purpose, (c) names, addresses and telephone numbers of principal officers, (d) an assurance of compliance with these guidelines signed by a principal officer, and (e) a statement of the organization's fiscal year.

  2. Contributions by booster organizations shall be made by the organization as a gift (cash or in-kind capital item) presented formally to and accepted by the UW Board of Regents, or as a contribution to the UWM Foundation for support of athletics, athletic grant-in-aid, or specific intercollegiate athletic program.

  3. Booster organizations may not expend funds on behalf of or in support of the department or any athletic program. This, however, does not prohibit an organization from making its own necessary expenditures for the costs of solicitation, for administration of the organization, or for membership drives.


Expenditures in connection with intercollegiate athletic programs will be made through the Athletic Department institutional budget, not through independent groups, whether internal or external. The Athletics Department budget will include the anticipated gift fund support from direct donations to the department and from donations to the UWM Foundation that are to be subsequently deposited with the university for acceptance as gift funds.

Within six months of the end of each fiscal year, the Department of Athletics shall ask the UWM Foundation to submit a summary of the direct expenditures it has made on behalf of the Department of Athletics. The report shall be used to comply with NCAA audit requirements.