University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee




Thursday, November 16, 2000; 2:30 p.m.

Curtin Hall, Room 175





         1.      Chancellor Zimpher stated that more work must be done on the Budget Initiative.  K. Ashenhurst will report on this later.


               Government Relations - 2nd Biennial Budget

                           At this time $24 million is on the table - much more than in the past

                           Visits with Department of Administration - asked for educational, environmental and health & academic development examples to “put a face” on our budget request

                           A visit from the governor has been requested and promised for December

                           One-on-one legislative contacts continue


                  Business Contacts

                           Members of the corporate council are continuing to be supportive with both collective and individual letters to the governor.

                           Chancellor Zimpher will meet with the Greater Milwaukee Committee and Milwaukee World Trade Association in December


                  Economic Development

                           “Techstar” intended to build on budget request to support economic development.  This has evolved to include Marquette, MSOE, and MCOW and is now a public-private initiative for research, technical transfer, etc.  This will be included at the UWS economic summit.

                           Statewide outreach following up summer visits to 18 cities continues, including BS programs on 2-year campuses

                           Expansion of Honors Program supported by Lt. Governor McCallum


         2.      Professor Jay Moore, Chairperson of the University Committee reported the committee’s activities, which included:


                           Meetings with M. Rimai regardingAffirmative Action in hiring new faculty; T. Luljak regarding marketing plan; S. Percy regarding the Milwaukee Idea; M. Harris regarding Economic benefits; N. Fouad regarding status of women; and S. Arora from the fAPBC. 

                           There is a concern that the fAPBC should be included in the matrix in creation of new programs and degrees.  Request made for new programs, majors seeking approval for the creation of new majors.

                           The UC in continuing to work on the disciplinary policy to address UW System concerns.  The hope is to bring this revised policy forward by the middle of

                           Semester 2

                           Faculty leadership development needs enhancement

                           President Lyall will be invited to address the Senate, possibly in March


         3.      Johnna Lee, Vice President of the Student Association reported on the progress of the following:


                           Vote Campaign was very successful

                           - 3000 new voters were registered

                           - Get out the vote initiative included notifying students of place to vote

                           They are in the planning stages for the United Council Women’s Leadership Conference to be held at UWM in February

                           Segregated fee allocation process in progress

                           Second semester anticipates activity related to racial profiling, increasing funding for education rather than prisons, and supporting national initiatives


         4.      Karla Ashenhurst clarified what faculty may do to get involved, as individuals, in budget issues:


                           until Valentine’s Day: focus on Governor’s budget - may use UWM letterhead to write to governor’s office PO Box 7863 Madison WI 53707

                           until Memorial Day: focus on Joint Finance Committee - write to local state senators.  Again, UWM letterhead and E-mail may be used but include home addresses

                           until Independence Day: focus on entire legislature.  Again, UWM letterhead and E-mail may be used but include home addresses


                  For further information K. Ashenhurst may be reached at


         5.      Professor Swarnjit Arora, Chairperson of the faculty Academic Planning & Budget Committee (fAPBC) reported on the activities of the fAPBC:


                           97-98 PAR process is in the 4th installment of the process - investing $250,000 last year.  This year - 12 proposals received requiring more than $1 million.  Matching funds required and focus on faculty and academic staff positions. 

                           Nine proposals were funded for a total of $238,900

                           PAR deficiencies are recognized but has been successful overall.  Programs have risen to the challenge.  Small programs have attracted good students and faculty (e.g. Geography) and the fAPBC today reversed its previous recommendation and now supports continuing Geography’s PhD program

                           fAPBC’s conclusion - PAR needs improvement but PAR type programs should

be continued to maximize returns on investment.

                           Implementation of Investment plan - working with deans, provost-chancellor’s office, concentrating on Milwaukee Idea but also looking to strong research programs to increase extramural funds.


                              1.            Inclusion of fAPBC in academic approval matrix for review of new programs, degrees, etc for budget impact and sufficiency of infrastructure

                              2.            Composition of committee changes will be brought to Senate for broader representation



Parliamentarian Robert Krueger and 34 senators were present.




         1.      The minutes of the September 21, 2000 Faculty Senate meeting were approved as distributed.


         2.      1999-00 Annual Reports of three Faculty Standing Committees were noted.




         1.      The Chancellor’s Report was received.


V.         BUSINESS


         1.      Faculty document #2265 - J. Moore, for the University Committee, moved adoption,  with 2 editorial corrections: 1) on p. 2 second last line under membership should be Technologies; third line under functions should read information technology units.


                  In response to a question, J. Moore clarified this change would take effect with the 2001-02 election process.


                  Fac. Doc. 2265 was passed unanimously on a voice vote.


         2.      Faculty document #2266 - P. Haubrich, for the Faculty Senate Rules Committee, moved adoption of a motion to urge Regent support for a comprehensive faculty and staff compensation plan for the coming biennial budget.  J. Moore said that there are similar motions on other campuses within the UW System.


                  Fac. Doc. 2266 was passed unanimously on a voice vote.


                  The Secretary of the University’s Office will transmit the document to the Regents.




1.      D. Schultz raised concern about the increased threshold for UWM Foundation accounts that generate interest.  M. Harris agreed and said department chairs were getting differing information.  The Chancellor promised direct follow-up to D. Schultz and suggested Assistant Chancellor Haberman be invited to report to the Senate for clarification.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:29 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Ellen K. Murphy

Secretary of the University