Thursday, March 28, 2002, 2:30 p.m.; Bolton 150


Chancellor Nancy Zimpher called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.


I.                   COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS


The Chancellor first recognized Talia Schank to accommodate Ms. Schank’s class schedule.


1.                  Student Association: Talia Schank, President

President Schank reported that students returned from Washington D.C. where the United States Student Association held a National Student Lobby Day to address issues in increases to programs, campus, financial aid, racial and ethnic profiling.  Schank announced that the Student Association is continuing to work on restoration of the 2001/03 budget.  Approximately 12 students testified at the recent Wisconsin Senate hearings.  Schank thanked the Chancellor, Chair of Academic Staff Committee Janet Padway, for mentioning the impact of the budget on the students.  The students will continue lobbying efforts.  Schank reminded the Faculty Senate that the Student Association elections are being held on April 9th and 10th and faculty and staff should encourage students to vote.


2.                  Chancellor Nancy Zimpher provided the Senate with the history of the state budget.  Due to the $1.2 billion gap of state funds and resources, the Governor presented his Budget Repair Bill that provided a $51 million cut across the UW System which affected ˝ of the previously promised funds, the Milwaukee Idea, and faculty and staff hiring.  As the bill moved forward, the Joint Finance Committee increased the cuts by another $10 to $20 million which further compromised UW System funds.  The Assembly met and cut an additional $50 million leaving the UW System with a proposed $107 million dollar reduction.  These drastic cuts are very serious and very, very significant.  Fortunately, the budget is still not finalized.


In the course of events, the Board of Regents suspended admissions in order to make sure the UW System could provide service to the existing students.  By March 9th, 50% of fall UWM admissions were completed, however 600 applicants were put on hold.  UWM advocated very strongly for lifting or thawing the freeze.  On March 22nd the freeze was lifted.  All 600 applicants have been notified of their status with UWM.  Chancellor Zimpher took the opportunity to thank all faculty and staff who had been involved in the phone campaign that personally notified students of their admission.


On Monday, March 25th a Wisconsin Senate budget hearing was held in the Wisconsin Room in the Union.  Zimpher expressed her thanks for those who attended and spoke. 


Everyone is hoping for a quick resolution to the budget negotiations.  The Board of Regents is making it a number one priority in the 2003/05 budget to reinstate to the Milwaukee Idea money that was lost.  Once the budget is determined, UWM will aggressively continue to reopen and re-launch the hiring process.  Zimpher is determined UWM will be “back on our feet.” 


Provost Wanat updated the Senate on the status of faculty hires.  There were originally 179 positions to be filled, 100 of which were to be funded by new money.  Currently 25% of the positions in this total have been filled or offers have been made.  The remaining positions will be sequenced in as internal and external funds become available.


2.                  University Committee Report: Ann Snyder, Chairperson


Professor Snyder gave an overview of the UC’s activities which included:

·        Participating in the Search and Screens for two Deans and Vice Chancellors 

·        Receiving OASIS project updates – effective Summer 2002 all grading will be done on-line and training will be provided to all faculty

·        Creating an ad hoc committee ballot for the review of the faculty disciplinary policy

·        Meeting with the Chancellor and Provost regarding the budget

·        Providing assistance and information for the Doctoral Program review.  Snyder commended Wanat for the excellent job in presenting UWM’s position to the Board of Regents.  This matter will be discussed in further detail at the April 2002 Board of Regents meeting.


II.                SENATE ROLL CALL


Secretary Murphy called the roll. There were 36 Senators and parliamentarian Robert Krueger present.




1.                  The minutes of the February 21, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as distributed.




The status of the faculty documents passed was listed under the Chancellor’s Report in the Senate Meeting Calendar.




V.                 BUSINESS


1.       Faculty Document #2325 – Election of an ad hoc committee to review the faculty disciplinary policy.  Professor Ann Snyder, Chair of the University Committee, provided a brief explanation of how the ballot was created.  Snyder stated the UC determined that 7 members would serve on the committee and created the charge to read as follows:  Review and revise UWM’s Disciplinary Policy as presented to the Senate at the February 21, 2002 meeting. 


The slate of names was distributed to each senate member present.  Two names were added from floor nominations.  The Secretary of the University staff distributed and collected the ballots.  Results will be released as soon as tabulated.


2.      Faculty Document #2326 – Recommendations that the School of Nursing dissolve its three departments and become a non-departmentalized school effective Fall semester 2002-03.  Professor Laurie Glass, Chair of the School of Nursing Academic Planning Committee, moved the adoption of Fac. Doc. #2326.  It was moved and seconded to adopt Document #2326.  The motion passed with a voice vote.





1.            Faculty Document #2327 – Nominations from the floor for the 2002-03 faculty standing committees and the Faculty Senate.  Professor Patricia Stevens, Chair of the Nominations Committee, presented Fac. Doc. #2327 and solicited nominations from the floor.  The ballot was approved with 4 additions.




There was no general good and welfare to report


VIII.        Adjournment


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.