Thursday, April 18, 2002, 2:30 p.m.; Bolton 150


Chancellor Nancy Zimpher called the meeting to order at 2:37 p.m.




The Chancellor introduced the University of Wisconsin System President Katharine Lyall.


1.         UW System President Katharine Lyall

President Lyall reiterated that UWM is on the move and that the city, state, Board of Regents and System Administration need the continued talents of Chancellor Zimpher.  Lyall highlighted the following areas of achievement for UWM: Milwaukee Partnership Academy; UWM College Connection Program partnering with 9 of the UW 2-year colleges; which hosts 11,000 web-based courses serving 126,000 students; Water Institute’s two one million dollar grants; Institute for Global Studies; Minority Information Center; Techstar; and the Brownfields Consortium.    Lyall stated that based on these great achievements she has no doubt that, given the budget, UWM can continue to expand its excellent programs. Lyall hopes the Milwaukee Idea will be fully funded and private giving will increase.


Lyall recounted the short-term concerns regarding the budget cuts and long term challenges facing the state regarding the need to shift state priorities to achieve economic success.  At current admission and graduation rates, the state will have a shortfall of 100,000 college-educated workers by 2010.  If the Milwaukee Idea and the Economic Stimulus package were fully funded, it would provide ¼ of the college educated workers necessary to meet the shortfall.  Wisconsin’s per capita income is now $1400 below the US average. The number of state residents who are college prepared is also below the US average.


Of the entire UWS budget, UW System uses 5.8% for administrative costs, which is the lowest in the country.  Regardless of the budget outcome, Lyall stressed the importance of maintaining educational quality and the overall quality of the student experience.


In response to an audience question Lyall responded:

· When Vice President Cora Marrett was appointed, UWM had 16 entitlements to plan new degrees

· In response to a request from Marrett, Provost Wanat responded with a short list of 6 or 7 top priority entitlements.  The Board of Regents and UWS intend to move to the list of priorities when the budget is resolved.

· Wanat has been discussing plans for increasing student stipends with the UWS

· Lyall cautioned that all programs taken to the Board of Regents have a strong recommendation for approval, but assurance of approval by the Board of Regents could not be guaranteed


Lyall commented on restoring classified positions that are being cut.    Lyall believes that some of the cuts being made are part of an overall plan to downsize the number of state positions.  The solution to potential downsizing will require thoughtful review of university functioning and how much staff it will realistically take to maintain quality services.  The 03-05 budget is pressing for more flexibility with classified positions, similar to that of the unclassified staff.


Lyall commented on how the UWS would be affected if the early retirement proposal is passed.  There are two problems with the proposal:  1) UWS cannot afford to lose positions if people retire and 2) the largest number of eligible faculty are in the fields with highest faculty demand.  This proposal is not as useful for the university as it might be to other state agencies.  If it does pass, UWS will face a challenging recruitment period.  However, the projected savings from early retirement are in the Senate Budget to reduce the cuts to the University budget, UWS was not opposing the early retirement proposal.


2.         Student Association: Talia Schank, President – not present


3.         Chancellor Nancy Zimpher provided the Senate with a report on the UWM Gives to UWM campaign.  The campaign began in 1982 raising a total of $20,000.  This year UWM is expecting to raise over $440,000.  On April 17th the campaign had raised $403,000, not including $14,000 from the live auction.  This has already topped the 2001 total of $401,000.  Zimpher complimented the Collegium Society on being the “backbone” of the campaign.  The Collegium Society has raised $368,000 of the $400,000.  Zimper stated that UWM Gives to UWM is our investment to ourselves.


4.         University Committee Report: Ann Snyder, Chairperson


Professor Snyder gave an overview of the UC’s activities which included:

· Reviewing the Faculty Standing Committees workload and support and providing recommendations to the Provost.

· Nominating and appointing faculty to committees.  Snyder encouraged all faculty to vote and solicited nominations for appointments to Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and the Professions Divisional Executive Committees.



Secretary Murphy called the roll. There were 35 Senators and parliamentarian Robert Krueger present.





1.         The minutes of the March 28, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as distributed.




The status of the faculty documents passed was listed under the Chancellor’s Report in the Senate Meeting Calendar.


V.        BUSINESS


1. Faculty Document #2328 – Motion from University Outreach to Rename University Outreach as the School of Continuing Education.  Senator Christine Dunning, University Outreach, moved the adoption of Fac. Doc. #2328.  It was moved and seconded to adopt Document #2328.  There was substantial discussion related to the use of the term School for a non-degree granting unit and possible confusion with the School of Education.  A roll call vote was requested and conducted; motion passed with a vote of 24 yes, 5 no, and 6 abstaining.




1. Update on Budgeting of the UWM Investment Plan: Professor Swarnjit Arora, Chair of the Academic Planning and Budget Committee, distributed and reviewed the committee’s report on status of faculty recruitment related to the Investment Plan.  APBC continues to work with the Chancellor and Provost on sequencing positions when funding is restored.


2. Status report of the Black and Gold Commission: Carol Haertlein, Chair of the Black and Gold Commission and three students- Palcou Vang, A.J. Simon and Kate Stocks distributed and presented the status report.  The web site for the Black and Gold Commission is which contains the complete report and provides the opportunity to submit responses/suggestions.  Comments should be submitted to the Black and Gold Commission by May 1st.




There was no general good and welfare to report.


VIII.    Adjournment


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:34 p.m.