University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Thursday, October 18, 2001
2:30 p.m.
Curtin Hall 175

 David Schultz, President pro-tem of the Senate, called the meeting to order at 2:38 p.m.
1. Assistant Chancellor, Donald Melkus, appearing on behalf of Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, updated the Senate on three issues. First, the faculty/academic staff pay plan of 3.2% for current fiscal year and 4.2% for the 2002-03 fiscal year was approved. Salary letters will be sent late November with retroactive checks distributed on December 12th. Second, enrollment for Fall semester is considerably up with a 4.1% FTE for the campus. Third, Melkus discussed the actions taken by the campus as a result of the September 11 attacks. He indicated that all actions taken are consistent with the Emergency Operations Plan available on the web at Senator Davida requested a review of the evacuation policy, specifically for non-fire situations and how it affects disabled faculty and staff. Assistant Chancellor Melkus stated he would review the policy and respond to Davida's concerns.
2. University Committee Report: Ann Snyder, Chairperson
Professor Snyder encouraged Senators to pass along information regarding the AQIB web questionnaire that will be distributed October 29th. Professor Snyder clarified policy on how motions get to the Senate floor. Lengthy discussion followed. Senator Davida questioned why motions brought forth by individuals were edited by the University Committee prior to being presented to Senate. Secretary Murphy cited rule for review and recommendation and explained the Rules Committee has the authority to set the calendar for the Senate meeting.
3. Talia Schank, President of the Student Association, updated the Senate on the Student Association's activities since the September 11th attacks, including vigils that were organized and meeting with the United States Student Association . Ms. Schank also spoke against supporting the motion on today's agenda related to the termination of a faculty member at UW-Superior. Discussion followed.
Secretary Murphy called the roll. There were 28 senators and Parliamentarian R. Krueger present.
1. The minutes of the September 20, 2001 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as presented.
2. Annual Reports of the 2000-2001 Faculty Standing Committee:
Academic Planning & Budget Committee 2305
Admissions & Records Policy Committee 2306
Archives Committee 2307
Awards & Recognition Committee 2308
Computer Policy Committee 2309
The status of the faculty documents passed were listed under the Chancellor's Report in the Senate Meeting Calendar.
1. Faculty Document 2310 - Resolution from Senator Robert Schwartz regarding the dismissal of Professor Marder, UW-Superior. Senator Robert Schwartz, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Professor Lex Renda (speaking with permission of the Rules Committee) presented the rationale for the resolution which reviewed a chronology of events including the UW-Superior's hearing committee's recommendation against dismissal, the recommendation of Board of Regents subcommittees against dismissal, the Boards ultimate decision, and the failure of the Board of Regents to consult the UW-Superior hearing committee.
Senators requested Talia Schank to be recognized to speak; and she was recognized without objection. She extended her earlier remarks that the Student Association strongly supported tenure but here the issue was the ability of students to feel safe in their classrooms and tenure cannot act as a shield to sexual harassment, misuse of academic funds and non-collegial behavior.
Recurrent concerns raised during the extensive discussion included separating the procedural issues from the substantive allegations and the ability to do so given the resolution called for a reversal of the Regents' decision.
It was moved and seconded to amend by replacing "deplore" with "condemn" in the first Resolved clause.
Defeated on a voice vote.
A motion to extend the discussion by ten minutes was approved by a voice vote.
M. Rimai, UWM's Director of Legal Affairs, responded to a Senator's request to clarify a section of UWS 8 regarding whether the Board was required to consult the faculty hearing committee. She indicated the rule was unclear on this issue.
A question about presence of quorum was raised and a quorum of 24 was present.
The chair called for the vote. A voice vote was unclear. Senators were asked to stand to indicate their vote. The resolution lost 9 - 13.
2. Motion from the School of Allied Health Professions to change the name of the School to the College of Health Sciences. Senator Haertlein began to present the rationale. Quorum was lost. 22 Senators present.
Senator VanHorne requested the minutes reflect his comments about Professor Davy Carozza. He encouraged Senators to work with individuals in that same spirit as one of the most helpful faculty members he had ever met.
VII. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.