University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Thursday, November 15, 2001
2:30 p.m.
Curtin Hall 175

Chancellor Nancy Zimpher called the meeting to order at 2:36 p.m.
1. Chancellor Nancy Zimpher updated the Senate on the progress toward the goals outlined in her September Plenary address. First, the University needs to continue to show the State that it is making a positive investment. Second, University research capacity needs to be increased. Third, the University has continued to launch Milwaukee Ideas with numbers 11 and 12. Number 11 is the Helen Bader Non-Profit Management Institute. Number 12 is the launching of a web-based program for students and parents called Compass Guy. Fourth, the climate: a Black and Gold Commission that includes 12 students and 12 staff members has convened to make the student experience better. Also 1,000 faculty and staff have completed the quality improvement survey; and the Assistant Chancellors' titles will all change to Vice Chancellor, to reflect a system-wide standard. Fifth, different space options are in play. Options include, but are not limited to, Northridge, Tower, and Kenilworth. Sixth, the University is in a silent phase of a major campaign. Consultants' report will be ready in December.
2. University Committee Report: Ann Snyder, Chairperson
Professor Snyder informed the Senate that the UC have made meetings more obviously open. This was accomplished by adding a "Persons who wish to be heard" portion at the beginning of each meeting. Professor Snyder commented on the AQUIP process, budget planning, PA pay, money for grad students, and library holdings. Professor Snyder acknowledged three athletic teams: The women's volleyball team is currently in tournament play and if they win their next match, they will be in the NCAA Tournament. The men's soccer team is also in tournament play and if they wing their next game, they will also be in the NCAA Tournament. Finally, the women's soccer team has one game left to play and has already been invited to the NCAA Tournament.
3. Talia Schank, President of the Student Association, was not present at the meeting.
4. John Wanat, Provost, presented his report on the Faculty and Graduate Student Competitiveness plan - A plan in response to Research Policy and Economic Benefits Committee reports and last year's Senate action. Provost Wanat outlined the specifics, goals, and implementations involved with the plan. This information may be requested from the Provost's Office by calling ext. 4501.  Questions were raised about the suitability of the AQIP approach and numerous questions arose about the appropriate funding sources for graduate student support and salary compression remedies identified by the Provost.
Secretary Murphy called the roll. There were 37 senators and Parliamentarian Robert Krueger present.
1. The minutes of the October 18, 2001 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as distributed.
2. Annual Reports of the 2000-2001 Faculty Standing Committee:
Academic Program & Curriculum Committee 2312
Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee 2313
Athletic Board 2314
Extension Policy Committee 2316
The status of the faculty documents passed were listed under the Chancellor's Report in the Senate Meeting Calendar.
1. Faculty Document #2311 - Motion from the School of Allied Health Professions to change the name of the School to the College of Health Sciences. Senator Carol Haertlein provided the rationale, including the School's national recognition and many similar Allied Health Schools were changing their names to Health Sciences. After discussion, the motion was passed by voice vote.
2. Faculty Document #2315 - Motion from the Academic Program & Curriculum Committee, the College of Letters & Science and the School of Business Administration to Implement a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. Rita Cheng, member of the Academic Program & Curriculum Committee, provided the rationale. Cheng reported that the first of five tracts would be a Management tract. Cheng stated that at the core would be a new curriculum and then there would be new tracts.
After substantial questions and discussion related to need, cost, and content, and "practical orientation" the motion passed by voice vote.
There were no senators having any general good and welfare statements.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.