University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Thursday, December 20, 2001
2:30 p.m.
Curtin Hall 175

Chancellor Nancy Zimpher called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.
A. Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher thanked and congratulated the faculty on a successful semester. Chancellor Zimpher reported that although currently there is a cautious economy, UWM has been held harmless from the hiring freeze and will continue with its searches. Chancellor Zimpher reserved her remaining time for later in the meeting, if needed.
B. University Committee Report: Ann Snyder, Chairperson. 
Professor Snyder reported that the Disciplinary Policy had been sent back to codification and legal affairs after the committee made changes beyond codification's requests and will probably be ready for the February Senate meeting. Professor Snyder reported on UC activities, which included a conversation with Peter Watson-Boone, review of a class scheduling policy and per-credit tuition proposals, and the ongoing replacement of faculty members on faculty standing and administrative committees.
C. Elizabeth Sengkhamme, Vice President of the Student Association, spoke on behalf of Talia Schank. 
Vice President Sengkhamme reported on the Student Association's disapproval of the changes made in the Milwaukee Commitment. The SA feels there will be a regression of system-wide diversity as a result of the changes. Vice President Sengkhamme questioned whether these revisions support effectiveness and commitment to diversity.
Chancellor Zimpher used the time she had remaining to call upon Stanley Battle, Assistant Chancellor of Student and Multicultural Affairs, to discuss these changes. Battle reported that there had not been any changes made and that this revised document was a proposed document. Battle cited that no changes would be made without first bringing them to the University community, which includes the Student Association. Battle stated that discussion would begin to take place in January. The Chancellor added that successful implementation of UWM's unchanged commitment to a diverse campus requires monitoring caselaw developments and drafting language that will withstand legal challenge.
D. Briefing on the necessity for cancellation of some library periodical subscriptions, and response to questions from individual faculty members. Peter Watson-Boone, Director of Libraries, presented budget data that necessitated the library holdings cancellations and the usage data upon which cancellation decisions were made. The presentation included information on the present journal cancellations and alternative journal article access via UWM Libraries. There were questions about the validity of the usage data. 
Secretary Murphy called the roll. There were 38 senators and Parliamentarian Robert Krueger present.
A. The minutes of the November 15, 2001 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved with the following addition to the Provost's report under Comments and Questions (I D). Questions were raised about the suitability of the AQIP approach and numerous questions arose about the appropriate funding sources for graduate student support and salary compression remedies identified by the Provost.
B. Annual Reports of the 2000-2001 Faculty Standing Committee:
Research Policy Committee 2317
The status of the faculty documents passed were listed under the Chancellor's Report in the Senate Meeting Calendar.
Alternate Accreditation Techniques. Professor Snyder called upon Leslie Shultz to speak on the accreditation process through NCA's AQIP. Shultz informed the faculty of the four-step AQIP process, which is self-assessment, identification of important issues, the addressing of these issues, and the ultimate accreditation based on the effective resolution of those issues.
A discussion followed which included a possible lack of emphasis on output; a targeted review process; peer review; the substantial effort represented, and possible alternatives in the existing investment plan; the community college nature of most institutions currently using the AQIP approach. It was moved and approved that the discussion be extended an additional 10 minutes. The fact that NCA is currently reexamining even its "traditional" approach may mean changes there as well.
A. Academic Policy Committee recommendation that the 2002-04 Academic Year Calendar (Faculty Document # 2319) be approved. Professor Roberta Corrigan presented the rationale. After brief discussion, it was moved and seconded to amend by adding additional tentative graduation dates to both December graduations, so that 2002-2003 graduation will have December 15 or 22 as possible dates and the 2003-2004 graduation will have December 14 or 21 as possible dates. Motion to amend was approved by voice vote. Faculty Document # 2318 as amended was approved by voice vote.
B. Motion by the Archives and Library Committees to merge the Archives Committee with the Library Committee (Faculty Document # 2319). Senator Van Horne presented the rationale. The motion was approved by a voice vote.
C. Resolution from Associate Professor Lex Renda objecting to Safransky decision as the standard of "just cause" (Faculty Document # 2320). Associate Professor Lex Renda provided the rationale. It was moved and seconded to amend by inserting "and due process" between "tenure" and "to faculty" in the seventh paragraph so the sentence would, "…to restore the protection of tenure and due process to faculty members…" The motion to amend was approved by voice vote. The motion as amended was approved by voice vote.
There were no senators having any general good and welfare statements.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.