Thursday, March 16; 2:30 p.m.; Curtin Hall, Room 175


1. The Chancellor's report included comments about:

The UWM Investment Plan, which clarifies UWM's aspiration to become a premier urban research university, creates a multidimensional funding strategy and prepares the way for implementation. Implementation will include additional state support, revenue reallocation by UWM, support from external partners (including grants and contracts), and investment through the creation of the Wisconsin Investment Park.

The 16-month strategy that is under way to increase the university's resource base for the 2001-2003 biennial budget.

How the Milwaukee Idea includes activities that not only contribute to Greater Milwaukee, but also to the State of Wisconsin.

The current biennial budget.

2. Professor Laurie Glass, Chairperson of the University Committee, reported the Committee's activities, which include:

Meetings with: (1) Gregory Jay to discuss the Milwaukee Idea Cultures and Communities; (2) G. Williams to discuss the Milwaukee Commitment; (3) College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean candidates; (4) Human Resources Director candidates.

The Chair and Committee members attended meetings of the Milwaukee Idea Trustees group; the Chair attended the Bradley Lecture lunch and meetings of the Compensation and Salary Equity Committee. The University Committee will meet on March 28 with Regent Gracz.

The work of the Task Force on Threatening/Violent Behavior is moving forward.

University Committee member L. Schulz has been appointed to serve on the UWS Search for UW System Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

Changes have been made to the Doctoral Program Array Report. The revised Report will be discussed March 27 at a meeting of the Graduate Faculty Council.

3. There was no report from L. Keodouangsy, President, Student Association.


Parliamentarian Robert Krueger and 41 senators were present.


1. A memorial resolution was received for Professor Emerita Barbara Bartley, School of Library and Information Science, and presented by Professor James Sweetland, School of Library and Information Science. The Senate rose for a moment of silence.


1. The February 17, 2000 Faculty Senate minutes were approved as distributed.


The Chancellor's report was received.


1. Faculty Document #2231 - a motion that the Faculty Senate, on behalf of the Faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, endorses the spirit and robust vision of the financial plan put forth in "Investing in UWM's Future."

L. Glass presented the rationale. W. Van Horne moved to amend by adding a seventh item of understanding to Faculty Document No. 2231 to read, "An average is interpreted to mean an average across programs, i.e., total amount divided by the number of programs (Reference 'Investing in UWM's Future,' page 4, section II.A.1.)." L. Glass further clarified that the word "substantial" in the second item of understanding is defined as "a majority or more." After further discussion, the motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote.

2. Faculty Document #2188, postponed from the May 3, 1999 Faculty Senate meeting: That the budgetary model known as tuition-based revenue or tuition-based revenue targeting shall not be implemented by the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

L. Glass presented the history of the resolution and the recommendation of the University Committee that the resolution be defeated. K. Watters reported on the estimated tuition revenue return for 1999-2000 and addressed questions from the Senate. W. Van Horne requested the minutes reflect the Provost's response to the following question, "Concerning the base budgets of the various schools, colleges and departments, to what do tuition revenue targets not apply? The Provost responded, "They do not apply to the existing base budget." The Chancellor concurred with what the Provost said. After substantial discussion, the motion was approved by a voice vote with one abstention.

3. Faculty Document #2232 - a recommendation by the Academic Program & Curriculum Committee (APCC) and the College of Letters & Science to change the name of the "Biological Aspects of Conservation" major to "Conservation and Environmental Science."

R. Weber, Chair, APCC, presented the recommendation. After discussion, the recommendation was approved by a unanimous voice vote.

The Chancellor left the meeting. The President pro tem assumed the duties of the Chair.

4. Faculty Document #2233 - a motion to change the name of the School of the Arts to the Milton and Lillian Peck School of the Arts.

L. Stoner, Chair, Physical Environment Committee, and R. Greenstreet, Interim Dean, School of the Arts, presented the motion. After discussion, the motion passed, by voice vote, with one senator voting no and two senators abstaining.


1. Report of the Nominations Committee and Nominations From the Floor for the 1999-2000 Faculty Standing Committees and Faculty Senate.

Professor Levine, Chairperson of the Nominations Committee, presented the report and expressed the Committee's concern that only 133 faculty had indicated an interest in participating in faculty governance by completing the preference form.

The following nominations from the floor were received:

Academic Planning and Budget Committee: Natural Sciences: Reinhold Hutz, Biological Sciences, Mark Schwartz, Geography

Academic Program and Curriculum Committee: Arts & Humanities: Joyce Kirk, Africology

Athletic Board: Rene Gratz, Health Sciences

Honorary Degrees: Winston Van Horne, Africology

Library Committee: Michael Day, Geography, Margaret Duncan, Human Kinetics

Physical Environment Committee: Mary Kay Madsen, Health Sciences, Fran Stanat, Occupational Therapy

Research Policy Committee: John Buntin, Biological Sciences. Request for correction: Paul Roebber is in the Department of Math Sciences, not Materials

University Committee: Joan Jones, Social Welfare, Mark Schwartz, Geography

Faculty Senate:

Arts & Humanities: Doreatha Mbalia, Africology

Professions: Elizabeth Buchanan, School of Library and Information Science

There being no further nominations or corrections, a motion was made, seconded, and approved on a voice vote to accept the slate with the above additions.


1. None.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.