Thursday, April 20; 2:30 p.m.; Bolton Hall, Room 150





1.         The Chancellor introduced UW System President Katharine Lyall.  President Lyall spoke to the Faculty Senate and UWM community about the following topics:


·            The 1999-01 biennium has been a turnaround biennium for System with budget increases for libraries, greater diversity, study abroad opportunities, and a respectable pay plan after years of not so respectable pay plans.  UWM’s momentum has accelerated.  Enrollment has turned around, collaborative work has grown with other institutions, and UWM is well on the way to being the college of choice in eastern Wisconsin.  In addition, UWM has positioned itself as a leader in international education.


·            The President lauded retiring Provost Kenneth Watters for his decade of work as Provost and Vice Chancellor at UWM and as a leader among Provosts at UW System.


·            Work has begun on the next biennial budget request and the part which UWS can play in the new Wisconsin economy.  It appears the legislature will go into the next biennial budget with a surplus from which the legislature and governor can make key investments.  UWS budget requests will include cross-cutting DINS such as the library and technology requests, the pay plan, and campus specific initiatives including the Milwaukee Initiative. 


·            The shape of the Milwaukee Idea is still emerging.  It will increase access to students, address pressing state concerns of the future, and be a key element in a statewide strategy to help the economy.  President Lyall suggested UWM faculty and staff, through a coordinated effort led by UWM Chancellor, let legislators know how important UWM is to what the state needs; embrace collaboration; and focus on quality results that address the brain drain.


President Lyall responded to questions about salary increases for classified staff and the surveys sent from Frank Goldberg’s office that included questions on “values” education.


2.            Chancellor Zimpher’s Report:


·            The Chancellor spoke about the UWM Gives to UWM Campaign.


3.         Professor Laurie Glass, Chairperson of the University Committee, reported the Committee’s activities, which include:


·            Making recommendations in the near future for faculty nominees to three dean search and screen committees (School of the Arts, School of Nursing and School of Education).


·            Monitoring the work of two ad hoc committees working on (1) PAR process review and (2) compensation compression and equity. The work of both committees is nearing completion.


The Chair reported the Chancellor’s Budget Advisory Committee is working on an implementation plan for the Milwaukee Investment Plan endorsed by the Faculty Senate last month.


The Chair, on behalf of the University Committee and the UWM faculty, paid tribute to and honored Professor Emerita Ethel Sloane, a colleague who died January 21, 2000, for the contributions she made during her 40 years as a faculty member here at UWM.


4.         L. Keodouangsy, President, Student Association, reported on a national Student Association meeting in Washington, work with Wisconsin legislators, elected student association officers for 2000-01 and Student Association initiatives progress.




            Parliamentarian Robert Krueger and 40 senators were present.




1.         A memorial resolution was received for Professor Emeritus (Meteorology) and Former Chancellor Werner Baum, and presented by Professor Emeritus David H. Miller, Department of Geosciences.


2.         A memorial resolution was received for Professor Emeritus Joseph V. Guerinot, Department of English, and presented by Professor James Sappenfield, Department of English.


The Senate rose for a moment of silence.




1.         The March 16, 2000 Faculty Senate minutes were approved with a correction by the Secretary of the University that Section VI, item number 2, last sentence in the March 16, 2000 minutes be corrected to reflect that Faculty Document #2188 was “… defeated by a voice vote with one abstention.”




            The Chancellor’s report was received.


VI.            BUSINESS


1.         Faculty Document #2237 - a motion by the Academic Program & Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Faculty Council to revise the UWM Academic Approval Matrix (9/98) as per the Draft Proposal UWM Academic Approval Matrix (3/00).


Professor Jeanne Hewitt, Chair, Graduate Faculty Council, presented the rationale.


W. Van Horne moved to amend by changing the Item I.H. (Drop degree or major) first column indicator from an “I” (Department or Equivalent -- Information Only) to a “Y” (Department or Equivalent -- Approval Required).  The motion was seconded and, after discussion, the amendment to the motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote. 


V. Stoffel moved to amend by deleting I.J. and II.T. (both of which referred to certification programs) and to reletter the whole document accordingly.  There was a second.  After discussion about the distinction between certificate and certification, the amendment to the motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote.  The main motion to approve the revised matrix [Faculty Document #2237] as amended was approved by a unanimous voice vote with one abstention.




1.         W. Van Horne stated that in 1991, David Luce introduced the concept of the evaluation of administrators which has continued for ten years.  He stated that three good deans have recently left at the five-year threshold, raising the question, “Might we wish to give thought as to whether the five-year threshold is the wisest direction for the institution?  Does one want to risk negative elements in one’s evaluation even among many positives, if one is looking at campus administrative opportunities elsewhere in the academy?” He suggested that Administration and the Senate may want to think about this in relation to the three deans leaving recently.  W. Holahan stated he discussed with the Rules Committee that reports are at best mixed.


2.         J. Sweetland clarified that Elizabeth Buchanan on the ballot for the Senate for the Division of Professions is an Assistant Professor from the School of Library Science.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Chair Tribute to Professor Emerita Ethel Sloane


            Ethel Sloane joined UWM in 1960 as an acting instructor of zoology.  She retired in 1997 as a full professor.  She served as chair of the Biological Sciences Department and Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences.


Ethel was a distinguished teacher, designing one of the first courses in biology of women and then writing a nationally acclaimed book to go with it.


Ethel served on many committees, and freely consulted, advised and counseled committees and individuals.  Ethel’s cheerful optimism and gracious manner were well known on campus.


Ethel left specific instructions that there not be a memorial resolution or moment of silence in this Senate.  Her department and friends were very aware of this.  However, it didn’t seem right that nothing be said or entered in the minutes about a women who was so well known.




On behalf of the UWM faculty, the University Committee pays tribute to, and honors Ethel Sloane and the contributions she made during her 40 years as a faculty member.