Thursday, September 16, 1999; 3:30 p.m.; Curtin Hall 175

       1.    Vice Chancellor and Provost Kenneth Watters presided in Chancellor Zimpher's
              absence. She was unable to attend due to an invitation to participate in the National
              President's Conference on Teacher Quality.
        2.    The Vice Chancellor and Provost's reported included:

               -  An update on the state biennial budget including the status of UW-System tuition
                 flexibility initiative, funding for Plan 2008 and financial aid funding.

               -  An overview of current enrollment statistics which show an overall increase of
                 approximately 4% including a 9% increase in new freshmen and increased transfer
                 and graduate students.

               -  Announcement of UWM's increase in extramural funding which broke previous
                   funding records during the same time period, and is exceeding budget acquisition of
                   research funds.

        3.     Professor Laurie Glass, Chairperson of the University Committee, reported the
                Committee's activities included:
                - a document on faculty productivity has been forwarded to deans for their review
                   prior to Senate discussion and possible action.

                - appointment of several faculty to faculty standing, ad hoc, and administrative

                - a meeting with Oasis Project personnel to ensure that governance would be involved
                   in the process of installing new software at UWM.

                - Upcoming agenda items for the University Committee are faculty/staff ethics,
                   response to student violence or threats, and quality indicators for instruction.
        4. Professor Sherri Ahrentzen, chair of the Search Committee for Vice Chancellor and
            Provost of Academic Affairs reported the status of the search including: the retaining of
            AT Kearny to assist in the search process, the receipt of 58 applicants as of September
            16, 1999 and the tentative schedule for preliminary interviews which are to begin before
            the end of the fall semester. Information about the search is available on the Web at
        5. Student Association (SA) President, Laty Keodouangsy, introduced the Student
            Association officers Kendra Al-Kaleem, SA Secretary, Navtej S. Bhandari, SA
            Treasurer, and Robin L. Lickel, SA Public Relations Director. L. Keodouangsy stated
            the Student Association commitment this year is to service, advocacy and governance.
        6. The new Secretary of the University Ellen Murphy introduced herself and the new
            Assistant Secretary of the University, Tory Boswell.

The required quorum of 74 Faculty members was not met.

Parliamentarian Robert Krueger and 46 senators were present.
     1. At the request of Professor Lex Renda, the minutes of the Senate meeting held on May 13
         were amended to include an addition to Regent President Lyall's Report. The amendment
         read as follows:
        "Professor Renda asked President Lyall if she that although the Governor is discriminating in
        favor of UW-Madison this year, he will be discriminating in favor of UW-Milwaukee next
        year. President Lyall denied that the Governor was discriminating in favor of
    2. 1998-99 annual reports for the following faculty standing committees were received:
        Academic Program and Curriculum Committee (2201); Athletic Board (2202); Codification
        Committee (2203); Computer Policy Committee (2204); Division of the Arts & Humanities
        Executive Committee (2205); Division of the Natural Science Executive Committee (2206);
        Division of the Professions Executive Committee (2207); Division of the Social Sciences
        Executive Committee (2208); Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee (2209);
        Honorary Degrees Committee (2210); Senate Subcommittee on the Evaluation of
        Administrators (2211); and, the University Committee (2212).
    3. The report on Faculty Senate attendance for 1998-99 was received.
    4. The Summary of faculty legislation for 1998-99 was received with one correction:
        Document 2198 had been accepted, not approved.
    5. The listings of new faculty members for 1999-00 and retired faculty for 1998-99 were

    1. A memorial resolution was received for Professor Emeritus Donald Emerson, Department
        of English and presented by Professor James Kuist, Department of English. The Senate rose
        for a moment of silence.
    1. Motion by the University Committee to approve Faculty Document #2217 - Department
        Chair Summer Compensation.
        L. Glass presented rationale for the document and clarified the intent of the policy is limited
        solely to summer compensation. Approved by a voice vote.
    2. Motion by the University Committee to approve Faculty Document #2218 - Faculty
        Transfer Policy.
        L. Glass presented rationale. An editorial correction adding "(s)" to the word "dean" in 3,
        third line to read "The Dean(s) will negotiate..." was approved.
        A Motion to amend by adding "in order for the transfer to occur," to the end of the last
        sentence of 2(b) so the sentence would read "The motion to transfer must be approved by
        a majority vote in order for the transfer to occur." was approved by a voice vote.
        The document, as amended, was approved by a voice vote.  

    3.    Motion by the University Committee to approve Faculty Document #2219 - Senate
           Resolution to Waive UWM Policies and Procedures A3.0(1) that specifies that any given
           school or college may not be represented in consecutive years in the chair of the Rules
           Committee for the 1999-2000 year.

           L. Glass presented the rationale. After discussion the motion was approved by a voice
        Barbara Flint, Director, Alumni Relations, provided the Faculty Senate with an overview of
        "alumni college" a new all day event being planned for October 30, 1999 in conjunction with
        UWM's annual open house.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Ellen Murphy
Secretary of the University