Thursday, December 16, 1999; 2:30 p.m.; Curtin Hall 175





            1.         The Vice Chancellor and Provost’s report included:


·           Historical review of the UWM budgetary process for expected additional revenues, vision for expanding additional revenues over the next five or six years, and looking at ways to invest the additional revenue to enhance the quality of the institution.  The decisionmaking process has been developed to include faculty and academic staff.


·           CEAS Dean Search Finalists.  Candidate interviews expected to take place in February or March.


·           The latest projections on the pay plan.  It is projected that faculty and academic staff will receive their back pay in April.  The raise is expected to be a little over 5%.


2.         Professor Laurie Glass, Chairperson of the University Committee, reported the Committee’s activities which include:


·           Reviewing a report by the school/college governance ad hoc committee. The University Committee plans to discuss with the deans that do not have school/college provisions in place: (1) the need to follow the UWM Policies and Procedures on campus governance at the school/college level, and (2) the suggestion that a link be provided on their school/college homepage to the UWM Policies and Procedures.


·           Working with an ad hoc committee organized to look at threatening and violent behavior on campus.


·           Engaging in numerous discussions on the draft document, Research 2006 Plan.  The Committee met with the Research Policy Committee Chair and will meet with him again at their December 21 meeting.  The Committee hopes to bring the document to the Faculty Senate for discussion. 


·           Professor Glass reported the Committee is waiting to receive a request from B. Maas for additional faculty to serve on the Oasis planning committees. 


·           In response to a request from the Provost for appointees, the Chair asked for nominees to serve on an administrative committee on competitive salaries.  The Chair thanked the Senate members for their quick responses.  The Committee forwarded all names to the Provost and will request that Mark Harris, Chair, Economic Benefits Committee, be invited to serve on this committee as well. 


·           The Chair reported the UW System Status of Women Report is available now on System’s webpage at 


·           The Committee discussed whether transferring promotion to full professor to the Department/School level should be brought forward.  The Committee decided there wasn’t sufficient interest at this time.


3.         Professor Sherri Ahrentzen, Chair of the Search Committee for Vice Chancellor and Provost of Academic Affairs, reported on the status of the search including:  number of applications to date (80); plans to hold preliminary interviews in December; and, after reference checks, selecting 3-5 final candidates.  Final candidates will, hopefully, be scheduled for campus visits at the beginning of the Spring Semester.


4.         Professor Stephen Percy discussed the process of reviewing Plans proposed for designated Milwaukee Idea funds.  He indicated that in January a limited second round of Milwaukee Idea Plans will be solicited.


5.         There was no report from L. Keodouangsy, President, Student Association.




            Parliamentarian Robert Krueger and 43 senators were present.




            1.         The November 18, 1999 Faculty Senate minutes were approved as distributed.




1.         A memorial resolution was received for Professor Emeritus Forest W. Stearns, Department of Biological Sciences, and presented by Professor James Coggins, Department of Biological Sciences.  The Senate rose for a moment of silence.




            The Chancellor’s report was received.




1.         Motion by the Academic Policy Committee to approve Faculty Document #2224 – Academic Year Calendar for 2001-2002.


            Professor Pamela Downing, Chair, Academic Policy Committee, presented the rationale for the document.  After discussion, motion #2224 was approved by a voice vote with one abstention. 


2.         Motion by Academic Policy Committee to approve Faculty Document #2225 that would allow graduating seniors with a final scheduled after the graduation ceremony, with the consent of the instructor, to take the final before the graduation ceremony.


            Professor Pamela Downing, Chair, Academic Policy Committee (APC), stated that the document had been proposed by the APC last year and was now being brought to the Faculty Senate.  Senator Jane Bowers, 1998-99 member of the APC, briefly discussed the rationale for the proposal.  There was discussion and question was called.  The motion to close discussion was approved by a voice vote.  The motion to approve document #2225 failed on a voice vote.




1.         Discussion was held on scheduling of commencement before finals and possible solutions.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.