February 13, 2001


PRESENT:                  Jay Moore (Chair), Kanti Prasad, Mark Schwartz, Marcia Parsons, Ann Snyder, Jim Sappenfield


GUEST:                       Chancellor Nancy Zimpher



Jay Moore called the meeting to order at 1:16 pm.  The agenda was approved and the committee discussed potential questions/topics for the Chancellor’s visit with the committee.



Minutes from the February 6, 2001 meeting were approved as corrected.



The Chancellor discussed the following items:

- The “State of the Budget” should be made available February 20th and they are in discussions as to how to disseminate the information included in the report to the public.  Zimpher also spoke on UWM’s Economic Profile.  She informed the committee that tax cuts were a possibility based on the new government.  Zimpher also discussed the Milwaukee Caucus.


- Zimpher informed the committee of the meeting of the Milwaukee Rotary.  She relayed to the committee that UWM will play a big role in tech schools, particularly Bradley Tech.


-The Chancellor also talked with the committee on UWM’s private funding sources including gifts, wills and estates.


- Zimpher discussed UWM’s involvement in the Milwaukee Commitment.  She talked of UWM’s surpluses and the need for opportunity hires.


- The Chancellor briefed the committee on her topics of discussion for this week’s Senate meeting.  She will speak on the budget and economic development.



·        Moore informed the committee of the occurrence at the Regent’s meeting and dinner.

·        Moore spoke on the Trustee Council meeting he attended.  Items of discussion included:

- A meeting with a consultant on community engagement.

- Non-profit Management Initiative.

            [AGENDA SUSPENDED FOR CHANCELLOR’S VISIT---1:40pm–2:29pm]

·        Moore informed the committee on another Milwaukee Idea conference set for June.  Topics will include:

- How to involve students in engagement

- Citizenship

·        Moore informed the committee on a meeting on March 7 in Madison, and the March 9th meeting in Milwaukee in which Richard Florida will speak on regional economies and collaboration..

·        Moore reiterated the request for involvement in the March 9th CIPD conference.  Mark Schwartz will check to see if he is available for a potential panel discussion.

·        Moore told the committee of the upcoming arrival of School of the Arts Dean candidates.

·        Moore confirmed that President Lyall will meet with the committee prior to her engagement with the Senate meeting.

·        Moore reminded the committee there is a Faculty Senate meeting this Thursday.


V            MEMBER’S REPORTS      

·        Ann Snyder updated the committee on the School of Nursing Dean Search and the Trustee Council meeting.

·        Marcia Parsons updated the committee on the L&S Dean Search, Union Policy Board, and the APBC.

·        Jim Sappenfield informed the committee he would attend the MAAC meeting for Marcia. 

·        Mark Schwartz updated the committee on the School of Education Dean Search.



            A.            Action Item(s):

                        1.             Requests for appointees/Nominees for Faculty Standing Committees. Faculty Senate, Divisional Committees, and Administrative Committees – This item was deferred.

2.            Academic Approval Matrix – Paul Haubrich will submit a draft to the committee for review.


            B.            Discussion Item(s):

1.            Review of Proposed UWM Faculty Disciplinary Policy in Light of Changes Proposed to Madison Policy and Information from Discussions between the UWM Secretary of the University and UWS Legal Council about the Proposed Policy – This item was deferred pending discussions between Moore and Monica Rimai.

2.            Merit Distribution – Moore informed the committee of his discussions with Mark Harris.  Marcia Parsons spoke on her view of the proposed solution.  A motion was made by Jim Sappenfield and seconded by Ann Snyder that a portion of merit money be made available to address compression.  The motion passed 2 to 1, with 1 abstention.  More discussion ensued.  A motion was made by Mark Schwartz and seconded by Jim Sappenfield that the UC recommend to the administration that a portion of the annual merit money be dedicated to resolving compression problems for associate professors and professors, by giving departmental Executive Committees an amount that where applicable is proportional to shortfalls from national benchmarks at professor and associate professor ranks, and in other cases a minimum compression adjustment per capita.  A roll call vote was taken.  The result was as follows:

·        Ann Snyder – Yes

·        Jim Sappenfield – Yes

·        Mark Schwartz – Yes

·        Marcia Parsons – No

            The motion was passed by a vote of 3 to 1.



            A.            Action Item(s):

1.            Back-up chair for Senate meeting – Moore asked Jim Sappenfield if he would assume the role of back-up chair.  Sappenfield agreed.


            B.            Discussion Item(s):

1.            Follow-up with John Wanat about the review of the roles of Chairs, Associate Deans, and Deans  - Deferred.

2.            Discussion of the 12-month chair appointments - Deferred.


            C.            Other

1.            Motion on UWM Foundation with accounts less than $10,000 – This item was deferred.



In accordance with Wis. Stats. 1985 (1)(f), at it was moved that the committee move into closed session at 4:17 pm.  The voice vote was unanimous.  The committee rose from closed session at 4:19 pm.



            The meeting adjourned at 4:19 pm.