June 12, 2001


PRESENT:                  Jay Moore (Chair), Paul Haubrich, Ann Snyder, Jim Sappenfield, Marcia Parsons and Kanti Prasad

GUEST:                       Tammy Howard, Office of the Secretary of the University


I.                     Jay Moore called the meeting to order at 1:15 pm.  The Agenda was approved as presented.


II.                   Approval of the May 22, 2001 minutes – Deferred


III.         Chancellor and Provost Report - None


IV.                Chair’s report:


1.         The chair reported on a number of topics discussed at the June 2001 Faculty Representatives meeting in Madison.  Items included:


·         A group of senior administrators (5 Chancellors and 2 Regents) will be charged with looking at information technology in the context of on-line learning, access, teacher preparation and the associated costs.

·         The status of the budget now that it has come out of committee.  Depending on what happens to the budget proposal in the legislature UW System may require campuses to return to Enrollment Management.

·         The meeting with Regent Roger E. Axtell, former CEO of Parker Pen.  Regent Axtell in very concerned with binge drinking and drugs on UW campuses.


*The Agenda was suspended at 1:30 and moved to Old Business: Search and Screen Procedures so that guest Tammy Howard could participate in the discussion.


·         Faculty reps received executive summary of the Task Force on IRAS integration; System seems to have created an unfunded mandate for campuses to integrate AS.  Title changes are deferred, though campuses may elect to use the series. There was also discussion of the Public Records Law as it applies to teaching evaluations and the evaluation of administrators.

·         Faculty reps received a summary of a study of Wisconsin residents attempting to learn whether or not there is a correlation between family income and ACT scores.  Conclusion is that there is not such a correlation.



Members Reports:


1.      Kanti Prasad reported that he, Paul Haubrich and Mark Schwartz had attended an interview with Sona Andrews for the Associate Provost position.

2.       Ann Snyder and Marcia Parsons represented the UC at the Regents’ meeting and conference.        




A.         Action Items(s):

            1.         Committee Assignments - Deferred 

            B.         Discussion Item(s):

1.                  Search and Screen Procedures (including Guest Tammy Howard) –

The Committee discussed the 4 issues outlined in a draft document prepared by Chair Moore.  Those issues included: 1) What language should be used to advertise the position, especially as it related to internal candidates; 2) What should be done if members of the search committee or others from the campus community receive inquiries about whether there are internal candidates for the position; 3) Should all finalists be notified of other finalists; and, 4) Role/contribution of members of search and screen committees.


After a lengthy discussion it was determined that some issues raised were already being addressed through the current process, e.g., finalists are currently listed on the UWM Web site.  The Secretary of the University’s Office is currently developing a Search and Screen Procedure Manual which will be brought to the committee for final review.  The issue of the role of faculty and community representatives as search committee members and how to handle internal/external candidate questions remain.  Moore will redraft the document for further discussion at the June 26 UC meeting.





            A.         Action Items – None

B.                 Discussion Items


1.                  Quality Initiatives

The Report of a UWM Task Force on Campus Quality Initiatives was issued 14 November 2000.  The task force was formed to consider alternative accreditation standards as encouraged by the NCA.  The task force recommended developing such standards for UWM.  Campus administration received the report but has not moved the process forward.  Members will read the report and share comments on it before discussing the issue with the Chancellor on 26 June.


2.                  2001 – 2002 meeting dates with the Chancellor and Provost

The committee discussed proposed summer meeting dates with the Chancellor and Provost:  26 June with the Chancellor; 14 July with the Provost; possibly a meeting with both on 31 July.


3.         Review of the June 7 & 8 Board of Regents Meeting - Deferred


C.        Other – None




IX.        ADJOURNMENT:        The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.