JULY 31, 2001


PRESENT:                   Jay Moore (Chair), Ann Snyder, Marcia Parsons, Mark Schwartz, and Paul Haubrich



Jay Moore called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.  The agenda was approved with the addition of New Business Item #6 – Preparation of the Annual Report.


II                   APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Minutes from the July 17, 2001 meeting was approved as corrected.



A.        Chancellor Nancy Zimpher discussed the success in the passing of the State Budget. Applause should go to the University of Wisconsin System for creating the Economic Stimulus Package. UWM will receive $24 million at the end of two biennium.

B.         A firm from Minneapolis has been hired to survey both inside and outside of the institution for the capital campaign. Their report will be out at the end of this year.

C.        Provost John Wanat stated that there are two elements to the Quality Initiatives. First, an alternative accreditation process is being discussed.

Secondly, the creation of a quality czar and council is being discussed. The Black and Gold commission is concerned about the student experience. Using present structures, the needs of students will be addressed.

D.        The Chancellor discussed the Marder decision, stating that the Rules Committee should look very carefully at it and then bring it before the Faculty Senate for a debate. She encouraged the UC to ask Legal Affairs for clarification on the legal procedures in the case.

E.         Both the HR and EDS Director report to the Assistant Vice-Chancellor. A search will be conducted for a new EDS Director. The Provost office is handling EDS issues in the interim.

F.         The Provost reported that OASIS is on track. There will be a rollout schedule in the fall.

G.        A response will be generated to the IT Review. Many options are being discussed concerning the modem pool.

H.        There will be an open forum in the fall covering research issues, such as salary, stipend, and accountability lines.

I.          A report will be published from the Task Force on the Status of Women. It was reported in part by the Shepherd Express. That version was misleading.



A.        The next UC meeting will be August 14, 2001. Paul Haubrich will try to locate an article from Education Week for the UWM Report September edition.


V         MEMBER’S REPORTS           

A.        Paul Haubrich reported that there are three finalists for the Director of Physical Plant. Interviews will be next week.




            A.        Action Item(s):

                        1.         Requests for appointees/Nominees for Faculty Standing Committees. Faculty Senate, Divisional Committees, and Administrative Committees – Mark Schwartz and Marcia Parsons are contacting individuals to see if they will be willing to serve on the UC if nominated.


            B.         Discussion Item(s):

1.         Quality Initiatives – The question was raised as to how to spread this dialogue around campus. The entire campus needs to support one process of accreditation. The present process has no quality initiatives in it. The campus can either use all of the quality initiatives or pick and choose some of them. The UC will want to be involved in this decision. The decision will need to be made next year because the site visitation is the last step of the process.


2.         Preparation for Rules Committee Meeting in September 2001 – The disciplinary policy will need to be discussed.


3.         Personnel Decisions – Marder Motion – The UC supports Marder’s decision to go to court and encourages faculty from UWM and other UW campuses to contribute to a defense fund for Marder. The UC requests Monica Ramai to attend the next meeting to discuss what information is attainable concerning this case.




            A.        Action Item(s):


B.         Discussion Item(s):


1.         Follow-up about the review of the role of Chairs, Associate Deans and Deans – Deferred


2.         Candidates for the UC election and chairs of dean searches – The UC created three lists of candidates. The names were then split up. UC members will contact those on the list.


3.         Future Direction - Deferred


4.         Parking – Paul will respond to a correspondence concerning parking on behalf of the UC.


5.         Release time for committee work – UC supports Professor Arora’s request for release time. A letter will be sent to the Provost on his behalf.


6.         Preparation of the Annual Report – The UC edited and then approved the Annual Report for 2000 – 2001.




In accordance with Wis Stats. 1985 (l)(f), at 4:13 p.m., it was moved by Marcia Parsons and seconded by Paul Haubrich that the committee moves into closed session. The motion passed unanimously.


The UC rose from closed session at 4:41 p.m.



            The meeting adjourned at 4:42 p.m.