FEBRUARY 5, 2002

Chapman Hall Room 306

2:00 pm


PRESENT:       Ann Snyder (Chair, arrived at 3:00 pm), George Davida, Michael Day, John Friedman, Laurie Glass, Marcia Parsons and David Schultz


I.                    CALL TO ORDER AND APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Glass called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.  The agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes were approved with the following corrections: III, add “compressed ranks in” so that it will read “…compression money only go to compressed ranks in compressed units.”; VI A: change “XX” to “No one from the committee”; and VI E: change “who” to “which” so that it will read “…a sub-committee which is now…”.


III.      PERSONS WHO WISH TO BE HEARD (Not longer than 15 minutes): There were no persons who wished to be heard.




V.                 MEMBERS' REPORTS:


A.    Parsons attended the FABPC meeting and discussed the use of buyouts.  Provost suggested that the University Committee review which positions get money for committee work.  The budget is $113,000.


                   B.        Schultz attended the FAPBC meeting and discussed that the University will be $21 million ahead of last year even if the budget cuts proposed by the Governor go through.  This is, in part, due to a 4-½% enrollment increase from last year to the present.  Replacement positions may be more at risk than new positions in regards to the budget cuts.  Tuition may be increased by 1.8% per semester to bring total increases to 10%.


                   C.        Friedman reported the Vice Chancellor for the University Relations and Communications recruitment committee has not met yet.  A date is still being determined. 


                   D.       Glass reported the School of Business Dean recruitment is still in process.


VI.              OLD BUSINESS:


A.    Action Item(s):



B.     Discussion Item(s):


            1.  AQIP – Reviewed AQIP motion and discussed providing a statement for the Rules Committee.  It was moved, seconded, and approved (6-0-0) to return the motion back to the Rules Committee.  It was moved, seconded, and approved (5-0-1) for the statement for the Rules Committee to read as follows: “The University Committee has discussed the motion and believes the Senate should proceed with its discussion and vote.” 


            2.  Emeritus standing – Deferred


            3.  The pay plan for 02-03 was reviewed and returned to Assistant Vice Chancellor Andrews with suggested changes.


            4.  Disciplinary Policy – It was moved, seconded, and approved to send the Disciplinary Policy back to the Rules Committee for the February meeting with the following updates:  Ignore suggestion to change “her/his” to “his/her”, change “Vice Chancellor” to “Provost/Vice Chancellor”, and Section 5.435 line 7 contains a typo in the spacing and hyphenation of “re- open” and should be corrected to read “reopen.”


VII.            NEW BUSINESS:  


A.    Action Item(s):


B.     Discussion Item(s):


VIII.         PERSONNEL MATTERS: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f)] There were no personnel matters to discuss.


IX.              ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 3:14 p.m.