MARCH 5, 2002

Business N456

1:30 pm


PRESENT:    Ann Snyder (Chair), Marcia Parsons, Laurie Glass, David Schultz, John Friedman, and George Davida


I.                    CALL TO ORDER AND APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Snyder called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.  The agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The February 26, 2002 minutes were approved as presented.


III.       PERSONS WHO WISH TO BE HEARD (Not longer than 15 minutes): There were no persons who wished to be heard.




A.    Snyder reminded the UC members of the L&S search and screen luncheon being held Thursday, March 7, 2002.  UC members able to attend will do so.


B.     Snyder reported the UC meeting for March 12, 2002 will begin at the normal time of 1:00 PM.


C.         Snyder reported the Faculty and Academic Staff Employment Anniversary celebration will be held on Thursday, March 28, 2002.  UC members will attend if possible.


D.        Snyder attended the Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting.  A brief update was given on all search and screens – they are all progressing.  The 01-03 and 03-05 budgets were discussed along with the importance of sequencing and not sacrificing.  Letters are being sent to faculty and staff to notify them of UWM’s mode of sequencing and not sacrificing.  There was word of a travel freeze for state agencies, but UWM is not aware of being affected.  The annual UWM Give To UWM campaign will be starting soon.  The 03-05 budget priorities are to pick up cuts from the 01-03 budget, fund the Milwaukee Idea, Teacher Preparation, Health Care, and follow the planning process. The feasibility study on the capital campaign was discussed and the campaign will proceed with a $100 million goal.


E.         Snyder reported that permission has been given for California State University to continue research that was conducted through a survey on UWM and thirty-four other universities in 1989-90 regarding assessment of how faculty manage their teaching, scholarship and service responsibilities.


V.                 MEMBERS' REPORTS:


A.    Parsons attended the APBC meeting. Review of the budget was discussed.  A complete outline will be finalized in April.  UWM is being proactive and prioritizing money. The Deans have the choice in sequencing positions.  No more form A’s will be approved until the budget is finalized.  25% of what is received will be held back for infrastructure.  Freshman applications are the highest they have ever been.


Parsons attended a session of the Carnegie Corporation Site visit representing faculty governance and the University Committee.


                   B.        Glass attended the L&S Dean search and screen on-campus interviews on March 5th.  Interviews are being held this week and the following week.


                   C.        Schultz attended the APBC meeting. 


                              Schultz attended the L&S Dean search and screen on-campus interviews on March 5th.


                    D.      Friedman attended the search and screen meeting for the Vice Chancellor of Relations and Communications.  There is a short list of 12 candidates.  Off-campus interviews will be held on March 16th and 17th.


                              Friedman attended the L&S Dean search and screen on-campus interviews on March 5th.


                    E.       Davida had no report from Faculty Reps as he thought there was no meeting.



VI.              OLD BUSINESS:


A.    Action Item(s):


1.       Appoint member to Awards and Recognition committee – It was moved and seconded to appoint Professor Gerald Bergtrom to serve the remainder of the semester as replacement for Sheila Roberts. (4-0-2)


                    2.            Senate ad hoc committee for disciplinary policy – It was moved and seconded for the list of names to be forwarded to the Secretary of the University to be presented to the Rules Committee contingent upon any more responses received being added to the list. (5-0-1)



B.     Discussion Item(s):




VII.            NEW BUSINESS:  


A.    Action Item(s):


1. Dissolving departments in the School of Nursing – It was moved and

               seconded for the motion to be forwarded to the Rules Committee for

               placement on the Faculty Senate Agenda. (4-0-1  Laurie Glass present

               and not voting)


B.     Discussion Item(s):


1. Web-based course assessment packages – Ed Mabry of ITPC discussed the web-based course assessment packages and the potential of faculty’s willingness to use an assessment package.  The University Committee recommended this issue be forwarded to APPC for further discussion.


VIII.         PERSONNEL MATTERS: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f)] The UC went into closed session at 3:12 p.m. The UC arose from closed session at 3:16 p.m.


IX.              ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 3:17 p.m.