September 25, 2001


PRESENT:                   Ann Snyder (Chair), George Davida, Michael Day, John Friedman, Laurie Glass, Marcia Parsons, and Dave Schultz


GUEST:                       Ellen K. Murphy, Secretary of the University                       


I.                    Ann Snyder called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.  The Agenda was approved as amended, reversing the order of BI and B2.


II.                 Approval of the September 18 minutes – Approved as presented.


III.               Chair’s report:


A.                Ann welcomed John Friedman to the Committee.

B.                 Ann noted that John’s election to the University Committee would cause a vacancy on the Natural Sciences Divisional Committee.           

C.                 The Committee took a minute to wish the committee support person, Deb Ackers, well in her new job and thanked her for the work she did for the committee.             

D.                The status of the next UWM Report article was discussed.  It was decided that no article would appear in the October issue but future articles on the status of TA/RA stipends and the important role of humanities and the arts in education and governance would appear in the future.  It was proposed that a guest author be asked to write about the TA/RA stipend issue for the November Report.

E.                 Ann reported on a report that the APCC refused to place the BAG’s proposal on their agenda for discussion and action.  Ann will contact Ron Weber for further clarification.

F.                  A letter from Professor Emeriti Pierre Ullman, Spanish and Portuguese was distributed for informational purposes.


IV.            Members’ reports: 


A.                Laurie Glass reported on the first meeting of the Athletic Board.  Tasks for the upcoming year were discussed.


B.                 Marcia Parsons reported on the Board of Visitors meeting.  The general state of the university was reviewed for the committee.


C.                 Dave Schultz and Marcia Parsons reported on the APBC meeting.  TA/RA stipends were the primary topic of discussion.  The 2003-2005 budget planning process was also discussed and a special meeting of the APBC is planned for September 27, 2001.


D.                Michael Day reported that he had been elected Vice Chair of the PEC.  The Klotsche Center expansion and parking structure were primary topics of discussion.  This project will have a major impact on long-term parking costs and also parking availability during the 2-year construction period.


E.                 Day also reported on the Library Committee meeting at which Library Director Peter Watson-Boone reported on the status of journal cancellation.  Schultz urged Day to request that these potential cancellation lists be sent to effected departments for review and input.


Day reported that the Social Science chairs would be discussing the course-scheduling proposal at their next meeting.


F.                  George Davida reported that the Faculty Reps had not yet met and that the OASIS Advisory Committee had been disband.  The status of the OASIS committee will be investigated and reported at the next UC meeting. 




A.            Action Items(s):

1.                   Committee Assignments –


Nominees for the Divisions of Arts and Humanities and Natural Sciences were identified.  Nominees will be contacted regarding willingness to serve.


Secretary of the University Ellen Murphy reported on additional Senate appointments that would need to be made. 


            B.            Discussion Item(s):

1.                   Schwartz Marder Resolution:


Ann Snyder asked the committee to clarify their intent as to endorsement of the Schwartz Marder resolution.  After discussion it was agreed that the University Committee did not intend to forward the resolution with endorsement of any kind.             


2.                   UWM Faculty Disciplinary Policy


The committee reviewed the existing policy and previously proposed revisions.  Secretary Murphy reviewed the history of the proposed revisions and the current status of those revisions.  Murphy suggested that considering the change in administration it might be beneficial to explore the option of asking administration to put in writing exactly what constitutes the “administrative route” for reviewing complaints.  The committee supported Secretary Murphy’s offer to meet with administration and request a written description of the “administrative route”.


Laurie Glass suggested that while the committee waited for the outcome of this request we should forward the May 2, 2001 Disciplinary Policy draft to the Codification Committee for review.  It was moved by Glass and seconded by Davida that the draft policy be sent to Codification for review.  It was passed on a voice vote with Snyder abstaining.





A.            Action Item


1.                   Development of planning process for 2003-2005 –


After review and discussion the Committee recommended to APBC representatives Parsons and Schultz that: 1) TA/RA stipends should be added; current proposal should be reviewed and evaluated against agreed upon outcomes; and we should continue funding some existing programs but open the process up to additional opportunities particularly as they related to the Arts and Humanities.


B.Discussion Item


1.                   Nebraska Survey – Deferred


VII.             PERSONNEL MATTERS:   - None


VIII.             ADJOURNMENT:             The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.