October 16, 2001


PRESENT:                   Ann Snyder (Chair), John Friedman, Laurie Glass, Marcia Parsons, and Dave Schultz


GUESTS:                      Stephen Percy, Milwaukee Idea                                               


I.                    Ann Snyder called the meeting to order at 1:40 pm.  The Agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 The September 25th minutes were approved as presented.   The October 2 minutes were approved with the following amendments.  Section III paragraph 1 will have the following sentence added: “He noted that UWS is one of the few Systems which funds research through use of GPR funds.” Section III paragraph 3 will include the following sentence: “The creation of a subsidiary, WISYS, of WARF gives the UW System access to WARF’S technology expertise.”




A.                 The Chancellor’s meeting schedule was reviewed.  Based on her availability, the UC Luncheon will be moved to a different date in either December or January.

B.                 The October 30th UC meeting will conclude early to accommodate the Campus Leadership Forum.

C.                 The November 6th UC meeting will conclude early to accommodate the Awards Ceremony.

D.                 AQIP – It appears that the administrative meeting regarding additional questions took place without any UC representative present.  Snyder will check with the Provost to verify the status of this committee.

E.                  Marcia Parsons and Laurie Glass will substitute for Ann Snyder at the Friday, November 2, 2001 all day SOIS retreat.

F.                  APCC has approved the BAGS program.

G.                 Telecommuting policy will be placed on the next agenda as an action item.

H.                 Ann asked the committee to start thinking about how the engagement conversation should take place on the campus and who should lead it.  This will become an ongoing agenda item.  As part of this conversation, the chairs of the 4 divisional committees will be invited to attend subsequent meetings.

I.                    Snyder discussed the UC report for the Senate meeting and it was agreed that the only report item would be the process by which motions get to the Senate and that any remaining time would be given to the Student Association for their report.


IV.              Special Guest – Stephen Percy – 2:15 p.m.


A.                 Steve Percy distributed new promotional materials for the Milwaukee Idea initiatives.    After discussion of these initiatives, Percy described the role of his office as it relates to assessment, marketing, engagement and activities to ensure that the campus community has the opportunity to be included in the Milwaukee Idea activities.  Percy specifically highlighted the development of a new Speakers Bureau, the Institute of Service Learning, Center for Volunteerism, UWM campus Compaq, Non-profit Management Education Center, Partnerships in Education and the newly funded Age and the Community project.


Laurie Glass suggested that the Athletic Board and Athletic Department be more involved in the Milwaukee Idea initiatives.  Percy agreed and will be contacting the Board.  Glass also asked if the Trustee’s Council was still in place and Percy stated that it was but had not met yet this year.


John Friedman asked if the engagement issue was one that the Milwaukee Idea was interested in and Percy stated that he felt it was a very important conversation to have.  Percy also stated that if faculty members were unclear about how to get involved with the Milwaukee Idea, they should be referred directly to him.


The committee thanked Percy for his time and information.  He left the meeting at 3:05 p.m.


V.                 MEMBERS REPORTS:


A.                 Marcia Parsons reported on the MACC committee.  Highlights of the meeting included: open house; McNair scholarships; lack of funding for GRE coaching courses; and the report on the status of women.

B.                 John Friedman reported on the meeting with consultant Jean Dowdall regarding the upcoming L&S Dean search.  Dowdall was interested in the faculty priorities of the successful candidate. 




A.        Action Items(s):

1.                   Committee Assignments – Marcia Parsons will contact potential nominees to fill the Faculty Senate A&H vacancy.


B.                 Discussion Item(s):

1.                   TA/RA Stipends – The committee discussed the process and will wait for the Provost’s December report to the Senate before taking any further action.

2.                   UC Guests – A number of potential guests were selected.  A complete list will be compiled in the upcoming weeks including prioritizing guest invitations.




A.        Action Item

1.         Augmentation of the OT Executive Committee – The request was moved, seconded and unanimously approved as presented.


B.         Discussion Item - None




IX.       ADJOURNMENT:       The meeting adjourned at 4:04 p.m.