October 30, 2001


PRESENT:                   Ann Snyder (Chair), John Friedman, Laurie Glass, Marcia Parsons, George Davida, and Dave Schultz


I.                    Ann Snyder called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.  The Agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 The October 23 minutes were approved with the following amendment.  Section III bullet 3 was amended to read: Secretary of the University Ellen Murphy discussed the functions of the APBC and tenurability.   


III.               Chairperson’s Report:


1.   Snyder reported that she met with the Provost and had a lengthy discussion on a number of topics that included: 


·         A proposed 1% give back from all schools and colleges to help offset the costs of TA stipend increases and faculty and staff salary compression issues.  Wanat will present this proposal at the December Faculty Senate meeting.

·         A status report of where we are in the capital campaign planning process

·         Administrative disciplinary policy

·         The revised Student Payment Plan which the UC has forwarded to APC for final review

·         Clarified that the proposed class scheduling policy would apply only to general university space, not specific departmental laboratory space.

·         The results of the student survey are located on the Academic Affairs current initiatives web site.

·         The status of the new L&S Dean Search

·         Activities related to ongoing meetings within the School of Information Science.  Davida raised additional concerns regarding this discussion and the committee agreed that this matter would be raised at the November 20 UC meeting with the Provost.


2.   Snyder also reported that she met informally with the SOIS and that things are going along well.

3.         Snyder was the UC representative at the new faculty reception at the Chancellor’s home.

  1. After a lengthy discussion regarding the timing and distribution of the UC Agenda and minutes, it was determined that all UC Agenda’s will now have a new item: Persons who wish to be heard.
  2. APBC has approved the BAGS program and it will move to the rules committee for consideration at the November Senate meeting.
  3. There will be no UC on November 6 because of the office move.


IV.              Members’ Reports



V.                 Old Business


    1. Nominations:


Potential candidates for the Senate and Divisional Committee were identified and will be contacted for availability over the next few weeks.



    1. Disciplinary Procedures


The proposed administrative investigatory policies were discussed at length.  After numerous editorial recommendations it was determined that the amended document would be sent to all UC members for discussion at the November 13 meeting.


VI.              New Business – None


VII.            Personnel Matters: None


VIII.     Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.