November 13, 2001


PRESENT:       Ann Snyder (Chair), George Davida, Michael Day, John Friedman, Laurie Glass, Marcia Parsons, and Dave Schultz         


I.          Ann Snyder called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.  The Agenda was approved as presented.


II.         The October 30, 2001 minutes were approved with the addition of listing Michael Day as present.




A.                 Snyder reviewed the items discussed at the Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting:

1.                  The Black & Gold commission has been constituted and is meeting.

2.                  The status of the AQIP survey, noting that the survey will be posted on the Web until November 21. Results of the survey should be available in January 2002.  A discussion regarding the ability to authenticate that survey results followed.

3.                  2003-2005 budget planning process

4.                  System wide campus give backs rather than be included in the state wide hiring freeze.  The full cost of this bill in not yet known.

B.                 Snyder represented UWM at the annual dinner with President Lyall and the Regents in Madison.

C.                 The SOIS faculty meeting with Snyder was canceled but will be rescheduled in the near future.

D.                 The BAGS proposal and the School of Allied Health name change will be on the November Senate Agenda.

E.                  The UC Senate Report will include: Sports League success and update on the UC members’ roles in the budget planning process.




A.                 Schultz reported that Mark Krueger, Chair, Division of Professions met with APBC to discuss tenure criteria.  The APBC also reviewed and approved the BAGS program and discussed the formula for college and school tuition revenue give-backs.  The tuition revenue formula issue is still in proposal form and will be discussed at future meetings.


B.                 Davida reported on the faculty representatives meeting.   Staffing the future University, academic staff titling and faculty roles, the Marder case, quality, and technology were the major topics of discussion.   

C.                 Friedman reported that the Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Communications Search & Screen Committee had its first organizational meeting on November 12th.           


D.                 Day reported that the L&S Dean Search & Screen Committee had not met during the last week, but would be meeting on Wednesday, November 21, 2001.


Day also reported on the November 8th Transportation sub-committee meeting at which four alternative Klotsche Parking ramp proposals were reviewed..  An option to increase Klotsche parking to 300+ spaces will be forwarded to the PEC for consideration.


V.                   OLD BUSINESS:


            A.        Nominations:

                        Milwaukee Idea Trustees Council: George Davida, Dave Schultz, Ann Snyder, Marcia Parsons.

                        Natural Sciences Executive Committee: Glen Fredlund, Department of  Geography, was appointed to serve a 1-year term.

                        Senate Vacancies: Pending - The School of Education and L&S Deans will be contacted for potential nominees.


            B.         Disciplinary Policy:

                        A lengthy discussion about the three different documents under discussion ensued.  The benefits of having the document codified as a faculty document and part of Policies and Procedures versus a stand alone administrative document which worked in concert with existing policies and procedures were discussed. Davida agreed to take the administrative policy as amended by the UC and attempt to format in into Policies and Procedures 5.42 - 5.47 for review at a future UC meeting.


            C.        Renda Motion:

                        After discussion, it was moved and seconded that the UW-Steven’s Point Faculty Senate Motion regarding the Marder case be forwarded to the Rules committee.  UW-Steven’s Point would be replaced by UW-Milwaukee throughout the motion.  This motion is being forwarded at the request and in place of Professor Renda’s original motion.  5 yes 0 no 1 abstention


            D.        Library Holdings:

                        There is great concern across campus about the impact of Library Journal cancellation.  After discussion and suggestion of possible alternatives to cancellation, it was agreed that Peter Watson-Boone, Director, Golda Meir Library would be invited to the UC on either November 20 or 27, calendar permitting. 




            A.        EPCS Augmentation request from Dean Thurman:

It was moved and seconded that the request for augmentation be approved. 


                        5 yes 0 no 1 abstention


            B.         Standing Committee Support:

APBC’s lack of funding for the Chair was discussed.  The committee determined that more detailed information regarding the Chair’s workload and time commitment were needed and that after that was received they would discuss the matter with the Provost.  Snyder reminded the committee that this had been discussed previously with Wanat and that he had not favored the buy-out model but rather an end of service reward system.




            1.         Motion to go into closed session pursuant to UWS 19.85 was approved by unanimous roll call vote.


                        The committee rose from closed session at 4:00 p.m.


VIII.     ADJOURNMENT:      The meeting adjourned at 4:01 p.m.