January 7, 2003

Business N338


PRESENT:                   Marcia Parsons, Chair, J. Rudi Strickler, Erika Sander, Mark Schwartz, and Laurie Glass


I.                    Call to Order and Approval of Agenda:  The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. and the Agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 Approval of the December 17, 2002 minutes:  Approved as amended


The following sentences will be added to the end of section V. paragraph 2.  The only significant difference between the two documents is that the Provost (instead of the Chancellor) reviews complaints at the campus level.  Chancellor Zimpher has delegated this authority to the Provost.


III.               Persons who wish to be heard – None


IV.              Provost’s Report –


The Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor Sona Andrews presented 3 proposals for Salary/Merit distribution.  The discussion started with M. Parsons stating her strong objection of the use of merit dollars for compression while E. Sander stated that there must be some form of set-aside for compression.  There was discussion of the likelihood of a 0% pay plan and the possibility of across the board distribution if the pay plan was 2% or less.  It was agreed however that if there were a pay plan we would need to respond very quickly and should have distribution guidelines in place.  Proposals presented were as follows:


1.                   Proposal 1

·         Increase Solid performance to 33.3% in compliance with UWS Guidelines

·         Decrease Executive Committee Merit by 3.3% (to 38.5%)

·         Allocate compression dollars to departments and deans based on amount generated by salaries


2.                   Proposal 2

·         Increase Solid performance to 33.3% in compliance with UWS Guidelines

·         Eliminate 10.5% Executive Committee Compression

·         Increase Executive Committee Merit to 49.0%

·         Allocate compression dollars to deans based on amount generated by salaries


3.                   Proposal 3

·         Increase Solid performance to 33.3% in compliance with UWS Guidelines

·         Eliminate 10.5% Executive Committee Compression

·         Eliminate 10.0% Dean Compression

·         Increase Executive Committee Merit to 49.0%

·         Increase Dean Merit to 15.5%

·         Include in guidelines that executive committee and dean can use merit dollars to address market compression.


After discussion the committee came to consensus to preliminarily support proposal 3.  Further discussion will take place.


The committee and the Provost also discussed: 1) the recently announced Board of Regent changes and the impact that might have on UWM; 2) probability of a hiring freeze or early retirement package and 3) consolidating UWM’s brochures so that they would be a more effective marketing tool. 


R. Strickler asked the Provost to look into the credit policy for foreign students in light of the new INS regulations.  The Provost agreed to look into how UWM might respond to the new requirements.


V.                 Special Guest – Sona Andrews, Associate Vice Chancellor: -


Associate Vice Chancellor Sona Andrews’ comments are incorporated in the Provost’s Report above.


VI.              Chairperson’s Report and Announcements:


M. Parson asked L. Glass if she would attend the January faculty representatives meeting in Madison on her behalf.  L. Glass agreed.


VII.            Member’s Reports:


R. Strickler reported on the Budget Planning Retreat.  His subgroup expressed concern over the lack of involvement from alumni and discussed what types of activities were missing at UWM.  The committee will be looking at ways for faculty and students to academically engage in activities that will develop a sense of family with the university.


VIII.     Old Business


            A.        Action Item(s):


1.       Request to APC to undertake a study of UWinteriM – Deferred

2.       UC recommendation for addressing 2003-2004 salary/compression issues – completed under provosts report.


B.           Discussion Item(s):  

            1.   Review of Department Chair’s duties – Deferred


IX:        New Business:


 .                    A.        Action Items:

   1.   FRRC committee appointment – An e-mail will be sent to all A&H and NS

                              department chairs to solicit nominees.  Nominees will be requested no later than January 17, 2003.

2.   Search and Screen appointments for the Director of Assessment and Institutional

                              Research – After discussion it was decided that there should be a representative from

                              the UC on the committee and Mark Schwartz agreed to serve. 

                              M. Parsons will notify Associate Vice Chancellor Williams.

3.   School of Nursing Name Change – The request to change the School of Nursing to the College of Nursing was approved as submitted.


B.                 Discussion Items:

                        1.   Review request from ASC regarding APBC membership – After discussion L. Glass

                              agreed to draft the membership language to change 3 elected members of the academic staff

                              to 2 elected members and one representative of the academic staff committee.


X.         PERSONNEL MATTERS: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f)] - None



XI.       ADJOURNMENT:   4:20 p.m.