January 28, 2003


PRESENT:                   Marcia Parsons, Chair, J. Rudi Strickler, Erika Sander, Mark Schwartz, Ron Perez and Laurie Glass


I.                    Call to Order and Approval of Agenda:  The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m. and the Agenda was approved as presented. 


II.                 Approval of the January 21 minutes:  Deferred


III.               Persons who wish to be heard – Ellen K. Murphy, Secretary of the University


Secretary Murphy presented the nomination’s committee slate for the UC special election.  It is hoped that the election will be concluded by the March 11, 2003 UC meeting.  A discussion followed Murphy’s presentation on the regulations stipulating committee membership.  The UC will review the membership make-up at a future meeting.


The probability of a reduction in course release time for committee service was discussed.  The committee felt that at a minimum the release time for the Chair should be maintained.  In other cases it could become part of the “give back menu” for individual committee members to choose from.  Murphy will keep the committee informed as the budget process moves forward.


Murphy announced that Kimberly Kimpel (formerly with Theatre and Dance in the Peck School of the Arts) has been hired to fill the UC support position.  


IV.              Provost’s Report - None


V.                 Special Guest – Rita Cheng, Associate Vice Chancellor for Accreditation


Vice Chancellor Cheng presented the steps necessary to prepare for the NCA Site Visit in Spring 2005.  Cheng reviewed the new standards on which we would be evaluated and proposed a communication plan that would consist of a steering committee and 5 sub-teams of the steering committee.  The sub-teams would focus on: 1) Mission & Integrity; 2) Preparing for the future; 3) Student Learning and Effective Teaching; 4) Acquiring, Creating, and Applying Knowledge and 5) Engagement & Service.  In response to the proposed model the committee discussed with Cheng: 1) a list of faculty for potential members; 2) the ongoing role of the UC and other governing groups; 3) potential involvement of academic staff; 4) modes of communication and 5) the role of the director of assessment & institutional Research, assuming the position moves forward.  Cheng said that she would consult regularly with the UC as this moves forward.


VI.              Chairperson’s Report and Announcements:


Chairperson M. Parsons reported the following:


·         Parsons reported that L. Glass would be attending the January 31 Faculty Representatives meeting on her behalf.

·         Another case is anticipated for review by FRRC.  It is expected by the February 4 meeting

·         Tuition proposals have been forwarded to System.  The per credit proposal has been well received and has been unanimously approved by the Chancellors.  The majority of the Chancellors around the state have opposed the differential tuition proposal.

·         Parsons gave a detailed report on her meeting with the Provost.  Budget was the major topic of discussion and included: 1) instructional exemptions; 2) 904,000 current year give back; 3) discontinuation of overload payments; 4) reduction of course releases; and 5) potential pay plan distribution.

·         Parsons presented a resolution from the Milwaukee Commitment Advisory panel proposing a new committee structure including 4 UC appointments, 2 Academic staff, and 1 classified and 1 student.   


VII.            Member’s Reports:


1.                  M. Schwartz raised the issue of the MGAA encouraging individual members to use university e-mail for political activity.  This was a concern given a recent discussion of faculty use of e-mail for lobbying purposes.  E. Sander recommended that Shannon Bradbury, UWM Labor Relations, be contacted about the situation.

2.                  R. Perez reported on the Academic Planning and Budget Committee.  Perez reported that much of the meeting centered on feedback on the Town Hall budget meetings.  Dean Gregory, School of Engineering was the invited guest.

3.                  E. Sander distributed a copy of a flyer being distributed by TAUWP soliciting attendance at a Health Care Panel discussion on February 13, 2003.  Sander and Glass will attend the meeting for informational purposes.

4.                  Sander raised the issue of student military leave.  The committee reviewed the policy and determined it to be self-explanatory and not to violate any faculty rights.  Glass will communicate this to the appropriate individuals.


VIII.     Old Business


            A.            Action Item(s):


1.       Revisions to Faculty Document 2370 – E. Sander will complete revisions and forward to the Senate for their review.

2.       Appointment to FRRC – Deferred

3.       Local 82 letter to the Chancellor’s Cabinet – The joint letter from Joseph Weitzer, Chair, Academic Staff Committee and Marcia Parsons, Chair University Committee was reviewed and approved for transmittal to Kathryn St. Clair, Special Assistant to the Chancellor.





B.                 Discussion Item(s):


1.       Review of Department Chair’s duties – Deferred

2.       Discussion items for the Faculty Senate – Deferred


IX:        New Business:


A.            Action Items:

1.                   PEC Appointment – None will be appointed.


C.                 Discussion Items:


1.                   Faculty/Academic Staff Emeritus policies – A joint meeting is being set up to discuss this matter.

2.                   Pick-a-Prof -  Ray Duncan from the student association attended the meeting to respond to concerns regarding the program.  R. Duncan reported that he would head up the implementation of the program for the next 3 years and would be working with all interested group to try to better the program and answer questions.  The committee expressed concerns around issues of legality, privacy, user friendliness, and access.  Duncan will continue to work on resolving some of the concerns raised.



X.            PERSONNEL MATTERS: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f) – Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 1985 (1)(f) at 3:40 p.m. it was moved, seconded and unanimously approved by roll call vote to move into closed session.  The Committee rose from closed session at 3:30 p.m.


XI.            ADJOURNMENT:   3:30 p.m.