Present:            Marcia Parsons, Chair, Ron Perez, Erika Sander, Mark Schwartz, J. Rudi Strickler

Absent: Laurie Glass


I.                    Call to Order and Approval of Agenda:  The meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm and the agenda was approved as presented.


II.                 Approval of Minutes: Deferred.


III.               Persons who wish to be heard:  None


IV.              Chancellor and Provost Reports:


Provost Wanat reported on Chancellor Zimpher’s intention to address the Faculty Senate on budget reductions.  He discussed a series of options which might be used to meet  the reductions and best serve student needs.  The committee emphasized the need to communicate the degree of freedom and flexibility being offered and to encourage involvement and engagement by individual units.  They also suggested that the Chancellor make clear all the things being cut or contributed by UWM Administration to the absorb some of the required reductions.


The proposed tuition increase was discussed.  Tuition will mitigate some of the cuts but System will still have substantial financial shortfalls.  If enrollments fall, both the tuition and GPR will be lost.  UWM should not cut or restrict enrollment if it wants to maintain student access.


The committee discussed the possibility of privatizing campuses or having charter school status with the State.  Administration would be decentralized.  In this model, campuses would be responsible for hiring, purchasing, buildings, etc.; however, current state statute prohibits this.


The Provost reported that in the next week he would be calling for nominations for the position of Interim Dean of the Graduate School.  Dean Rayburn will be leaving mid-June.  The Provost also plans on forming a small committee to conduct an analysis of Graduate School operations to improve efficiencies.  By April he would like to have recommendations for an Interim Dean to carry forward Graduate School functions.


V.                 Chairperson’s Report and Announcements:


Chairperson M. Parsons reported the following:



1.                  M. Parsons expressed her concern about apparent misinformation being conveyed by the APBC about budget reductions.   R. Perez will attend Thursday’s APBC meeting and communicate to them that Deans have been given information on budget reductions and they have shared this information with their faculty.

2.         M. Parsons will report to the Faculty Senate  the status of the SSEA evaluation of the Chancellor.  She will seek Senate permission to add people to the committee in order to have a functional committee in place to conduct the evaluation.



VII.            Member’s Reports:  Deferred


VIII.         Old Business:




A.                 Action Item(s): None.


B.                 Discussion Item(s):


1.                  Proposed Faculty Documents 2370 and 2371 - None.



IX.              New Business:



A.                 Action Item(s):  None.


B.                 Discussion Item(s):


                        1.         Faculty Senate Resolution Presentation - M. Parsons will present Faculty Document 2371, Summer Session Compensation to the Faculty Senate.



X.                 Personnel Matters: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f)]

Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f) at 2:45 pm it was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to move into closed session.  The Committee rose from closed session at 3:18 pm.


XI.              Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 3:18 pm.