November 19, 2002

Business N456

1:00 pm


PRESENT:    Davida, Glass, Parsons, Perez, Sander, Strickler


I.                    CALL TO ORDER AND APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Parsons called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m.  The agenda was approved with one addition (see VIII,A.2.).


II.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The November 12, 2002 minutes were approved as amended.


III.               PERSONS WHO WISH TO BE HEARD (Not longer than 15 minutes): There were no persons who wished to be heard.


IV.              PROVOST’S REPORT:

Wanat stated that there are many reasons that some schools and/or colleges have overextended budgets.  Some of the causes include over spending, not receiving money that was already spent, one-time expenditures, unanticipated costs and the reduction of incoming funds.


Wanat stated that there are multiple ways the UW System can approach the budget reductions.  The second session of the Budget Retreat will be used to help identify what principles should be used for reductions.


The draft principles created by the ASC and UC were presented to Wanat.  Wanat stated that the principles could also be applied to the schools and colleges in determining funding for core programs.


Wanat announced that the campus needs to have a plan in place for the 2003-05 budget in the event there are new dollars to invest, but he warned that excessive time should not be spent on this exercise.  UW System representatives will be on campus this Thursday.  Some issues to be addressed with them include:  UWM’s need for flexibility in determining for ourselves how to assign necessary budget reductions, tuition flexibility, and flexibility with enrollment deadlines since students applying to this campus have a pattern of applying late.  Wanat stressed that we do not support across-the-board reductions.


Wanat stated that there are five candidates for the Associate Vice Chancellor for the NCA leadership position.  Wanat is conducting interviews and plans to have the candidate begin after the new year.


UW System has postponed the December meeting, which will delay the review of all new programs.  The main reason is due to the uncertainty of the budget.


Wanat stated that there may be a hiring freeze taking place in January.  Everyone is urged to expedite searches.  A review committee is being identified to review the 2008 Milwaukee Commitment plan.  Parsons will respond to Provost Wanat and Stanley Battle regarding the make-up of the committee.


Wanat stated that a system-wide library computer program is being developed to allow journals on any campus to be available to all other campuses via email or fax.


Wanat stated that Chancellor Zimpher will provide a budgetary report at the Faculty Senate meeting Thursday, November 21st.



A.    Parsons received an email from Andy Martin, Chair of the Academic Planning Committee, stating that a request to the Rules Committee regarding UWinteriM would be submitted to conduct a Committee of the Whole Discussion at the December Faculty Senate meeting.


B.     Parsons attended the APBC meeting.  Dean Bucker completed the report of the Peck School of the Arts.  The committee began providing summaries of the 03-05 budget proposals.  The committee will be meeting again on November 21st to continue reviewing the 03-05 requests.


C.    Parsons met with Provost Wanat.  Wanat believes that the minimum budget cut would be 5%.  If UWM was allowed to have tuition flexibility, there would be a possibility of not having to make any cuts.  There is a possibility of UW System announcing a hiring freeze in December.  Wanat acknowledged receipt of the names for the NCA steering committees.


D.    Parsons attended the ASC and UC luncheon.  A summary of the meeting was sent to those who attended.  A memo of understanding was created in attempt to provide principles to be applied during budget allocations. 


E.     Parsons will address the following items in Chair’s report to the Faculty Senate on November 21st: the memo of understanding, congratulate the History Department on the Ph.D., the shared endorsement of the Black and Gold guidelines, yield 2-3 minutes to Sona Andrews to address the Discriminatory Conduct Enforcement Procedures and 2-3 minutes to Provost Wanat to address the budget if needed.

VI.              MEMBERS' REPORTS:

A.    Glass announced that Sona Andrews is resurrecting the Violent Behavior Task Force in response to some issues that have arisen recently at other universities.  The task force will be meeting next week.




VII.            OLD BUSINESS:


A.    Action Item(s):


B.     Discussion Item(s):


1.      Review draft of 4.07 Department Chair Duties – Deferred



A.    Action Item(s):


1.      Create a list or menu of discussion items for the faculty senate based on information coming out of the BOR and UW System via the Faculty Reps (for example tenure issues, quality issues, campus compact, etc.) – Deferred

2.      Action taken at the luncheon with UC and ASC – See V. D.                                   

B.     Discussion Item(s):


IX.              PERSONNEL MATTERS: [Closed session according to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1)(f)]


The committee went into closed session at 3:14 p.m.

1.      Potential complaint from a faculty member

Perez left at 3:25 p.m.

The committee rose from closed session at 3:27 p.m.

X.                 ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 3:27 p.m.