Selected Academic and Administrative Policies (SAAPs)

These policies are currently under review. For specific questions please contact the Secretary of the University's office at 414-229-5988 or

S0.0SAAP Template
S0.5Academic Approval Matrix
S01Academic Staff Employment Contract Guidelines
S01.5Accommodation of Religious Beliefs
S02Adding Courses
S03Administrative Status to Faculty Status
S04Advertising (Off-Campus) Student-Sponsored Events
S05Alcoholic Beverages, Guidelines for Service
S07Athletic Fund Raising
S09Behavior Cases Impeding Learning Process
S10Building Chairpersons, Functions of
S10.25Policy on Catering for Campus Events
S13Continuing Education Units (CEUs)**
S14.5Criminal Background Check Policy
S16Student Death and Major Medical Crisis Notification & Support Process
S17Depositing of University Receipts, Requirement for
S18Domestic Partner Policy
S19Drop, Withdrawal, and Repeat Policy for Courses
S19.5Drug-Free Campus
S19.75Electronic Publication of Information
S20EMERITUS/A Status Faculty & Academic Staff
S20.5Employee Assistance Program
S21Employment Eligibility (I-9) Verifications
S21.5Endowed, Named and Distinguished Professorships
S22Examinations, Final
S23Facilities, Use of, Policies and Procedures
S24.5Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Polcy
S25Fixed Term Academic Staff Appointments on Grant
S26Fraud, Embezzlement and Other Misappropriations of Assets
S27Fund-Raising Activities in the Private Sector
S28Grade Appeals by Students
S29Grading and Grade Records for all Schools and Colleges
S30Honorary Degrees, Honors,and Awards
S31Incomplete Grades
S32Instructional Materials: Use, Ownership and Control of
S33.5International Institutional Agreements
S34Joint Appointments
S35Jury Duty
S36Leaves of Absence
S37Mail Services (Campus)
S38Majors in Two Different Schools/Colleges
S39Merit Salary Recommendations--Information
S40.5Names of Buildings/Rooms
S42Personnel File Policy, UWM's
S42.5UWM Policy on the Creation of University Policies
S43Political Activity by Employees
S43.5Protests in University Buildings
S44Public Expression of Opinion
S44.5Public/Private Relationships and
S45Public Records Access
S45.1UWM Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures
S45.5Research Misconduct Policy
S45.7Academic Staff Research Misconduct Policy
S46Search and Screen Committees
S47Discriminatory Conduct Policy (Including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence)
S48aSick Leave Policy for Unclassified Staff
S49Smoking Policy
S50Student and Volunteer use of State-Owned Vehicles
S51Summer Session Appointment Guidelines
S52Audio Recorders, Use in Classroom
S52.5Teaching Evaluation Policies
S52.75Tenured Faculty Review and Development
S54Tuition/Fee Reimbursement Program for Unclassified Staff
S54ARequest for Career Related Coursework Reimbursement (S-54 Attachment A)
S56Vacation and Holiday Entitlement for
S59Information Security Policy
S61Annuitant Privileges
S62Post-Retirement Employment Policy
S63Digitization of Departmental Records
S64Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
S65UWM Code of Conduct
S66Animal Care and Use Committee Investigation Procedures
S67Inclusive Facilities Policy and Procedures for All Buildings
S68Acceptable Use Policy
S69Administration of Shared Research Facilities
S70Children in the Workplace Policy
S71Research Centers & Institutes Approval & Evaluation Procedures
S74UWM Policy on Sponsored Program Fixed Price Contract Close Out