A Toolkit for Commercial, Business, Institution, and Other Away-From-Home Recycling
Welcome to the Wisconsin Business Recycling Toolkit. This website provides you with a step-by-step approach to creating a successful business recycling program. To begin, click on the 'Get Started' button in the section below that best represents you – Recycling Managers or Businesses.
recycling managers
Recycling Managers

Use this section if you manage a recycling program for a Wisconsin community. This toolkit will provide you with information and resources you can use to better develop, encourage and support business and other away-from-home recycling. It will also provide you with information you need to comply with recycling requirements under Wisconsin law.

Resources provided include sample ordinances, templates for communicating with businesses and tips on how to set up a successful recycling program.
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Step 1 – Planning
Step 2 – Reaching Out
Step 3 – Business Program Tracking
Step 4 – Staying Successful
business owners

Use this section if you are a Wisconsin business establishing a recycling program or looking to improve an existing program. On this Web site, the term “business” refers to any away-from-home location, including businesses, schools, government offices and event venues. This toolkit will provide information to get you started, improve current efforts and find assistance.

Resources provided include staff education materials, ideas for specific business sectors, and measurement tools.

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Step 1 – The Basics
Step 2 – Tools & Tips
Step 3 – Getting Noticed