Step 2
Tools & Tips - Case Studies/Examples of Programs/Articles
There are many great projects happening right here in WI as well as around the country. If you are looking for some ideas from places that have already tried it out take a look at these projects.
Documents Available for Download:
"Convenient Recycling" article from DNR's Summer 2009 Recycling News: recycling at convenience stores in 6 Wisconsin counties. (Word doc, 26.0KB)
"Recycling Means Business" (WDNR-2006): profiles of 37 Wisconsin businesses that collect or use recycled materials, find markets for materials usually landfilled or explore new ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. (PDF, 3.04MB)
"Small Business Recycling Cooperative" (NERC/EPA): includes examples of cooperatives and a step-by-step program to help businesses in a single geographic area establish a recycling cooperative to more effectively and economically handle their recyclables. (PDF, 764.18KB)