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Since 1990 the Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC) has worked to improve Wisconsin's environment and economy by providing quality environmental education, information and technical assistance to promote the protection and sustainable use of natural resources throughout Wisconsin.
Audience & Partners:
Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Industry, businesses and local government units throughout Wisconsin
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
US-EPA, Region V and Great Lakes National Program Office
Wisconsin County Solid Waste Management Association
Wisconsin Dental Association
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Team Membership:
Economic Development
Natural Resources
Systems Thinking
Educational Resources:
Mercury in Schools
Pollution Prevention Intern Program
Community wide waste reduction
Dental amalgam best management practices
Healthcare for a Healthy Environment
Pharmaceutical product stewardship
2013 Pharmaceutical Summit Press Release
A Continuous Collection System for Household Pharmaceutical Wastes: A Pilot Project
A Look at the Post-Consumer Product Stewardship Association, 2010, pharmaceuticals
A Pollution Prevention Guide for Dentists
Alliance for the Great Lakes: Drugs in Drinking Water, pharmaceuticals
Alternative Methods for Managing Unused Pharmaceuticals  Consumers, Summit Presentation 2010
Amalgam Management for Dental Offices
American Medicine Chest Challenge, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2012
Are Oral Contraceptives a Significant Contributor to the Estrogenicity of Drinking Water?, pharmaceuticals
Areas of Key Policy Development for Pharmaceuticals, Summit Presentation 2012
Assessing the Emerging Contaminant Threats Report and the Great Lakes, pharmaceuticals
Best Management Practices in Food Scraps Programs
Biodiesel Replaces Petroleum Diesel at Wright-Patterson AFB
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list of Hazardous Drug Alerts, pharmaceuticals
Christian Daughton Articles About Pharmaceuticals
Collection and Disposal of Waste Medications, pharmaceuticals
Community Collections of Very Small Quantities of Hazardous Wastes from Businesses
Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Pharmaceutical Waste--U.S. EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant Overview
Detection of Selected Pharmaceutical Compounds and Determination of their Fate in Modern Lined Landfills Dissertation
Drug Take-Back Programs in the Great Lakes States, pharmaceuticals
Educational Tools and Resources, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
Environmental Science Processes & Impacts, pharmaceuticals
Get The Meds Out Fact Sheet 2011, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out August 18, 2011 Press Release, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out Participant Survey 2011, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out Poster 2011, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out Poster Spanish version 2011, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out Summary Report March 2012, pharmaceuticals
Get the Meds Out questionaire 2008, pharmaceuticals
Get the Old Meds Out Pilot Program Final Report 2008, pharmaceuticals
Go-to-Guide for Safe Drug Take-Back, pharmaceuticals
Got Leftover Medicine? Pharmaceutical Handout
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable on Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Product Wastes and Impacts
Green Medicine: An Integral Approach That Benefits Physicians, Patients, Communities, and the Environment, pharmaceuticals
Green Pharmacy and PharmEcovigilance: Prescribing and the Planet
GreenPharmEdu Pharmaceutical Waste Reduction Website
Healthier Hospitals Initiative Website, pharmaceuticals
Highly Active Human Pharmaceuticals in Aquatic Systems
Highly Active Human Pharmaceuticals in Aquatic Systems: A Concept for their Identification Based on their Mode of Action
Hospital Waste Reduction Checklist
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, pharmaceuticals
Iowa Pharmacy Association TakeAway Medication Disposal Program, pharmaceuticals
Keep Unwanted Medications & Chemicals Out of the Great Lakes, pharmaceuticals
Key Elements and Vision for Great Lakes Pharmaceutical Programs
Leftover Medication Disposal in Waukesha and Winnebago Counties, Survey Report, 2009, pharmaceuticals
Leftover Medicine Disposal in the Great Lakes 2011, pharmaceuticals
Lessons Learned: Voluntary Pharmaceutical Take-Back Programs in the Great Lakes
MPSC Who We Are, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
Management of Hazardous Pharmaceuticals
Managing Pharmaceutical Waste: A 10-Step Blueprint for Health Care Facilities in the United States
Managing Waste to Managing Resources, Presentation on Product Stewardship 2012, pharmaceuticals
Medication Return Programs in British Columbia, Canada, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
Medications Return Programs in Canada, pharmaceuticals
Medicine Return Initiatives in Washington State, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
Mercury in Schools and the Community
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Disposing of Unwanted Medication, pharmaceuticals
Myth vs. Reality: Extended Producer Responsibility for Pharmaceuticals
NCPA Dispose My Meds and the TakeAway Environmental Return System, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2012
National Institute on Drug Abuse, pharmaceuticals
National Snapshot, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
National Summit on Preventing Pharmaceutical Waste
National Summit on Preventing Pharmaceutical Waste October 2010 Final Meeting Summary
Overview of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Product Stewardship and Pharmaceuticals Presentation
Pharmaceutical Abuse in the United States, Summit Presentation 2012
Pharmaceutical Management Technical Brief for Green Guide to Healthcare
Pharmaceutical Pollution Prevention, CEI Report 2011
Pharmaceutical Waste Take Back in Wisconsin Presentation
Pharmaceutical Wastes in Health Care Facilities
Pharmaceuticals in Minnesota Surface Waters
Pharmaceuticals in the Aquatic Environment: Facts and Challenges, Summit Presentation 2012
Pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes: Prevention Priorities, Summit Presentation 2012
Policies to Prevent Pharmaceutical Waste Webinar Series 2012
Practice Greenhealth Webpage on Pharmaceutical Waste
Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal (P2D2) Program, pharmaceuticals
Press Release on DNR Pharmaceutical Study, 2012
Preventing Pharmaceutical Pollution and Diversion Presentation, pharmaceuticals
Product Stewardship Institute on Pharmaceuticals
Product Stewardship of Pharmaceutical Waste
Protecting our Health and the Environment: The Need for Sustainably Financed Drug Take-Back Programs, pharmaceuticals
Protecting the Great Lakes from Pharmaceutical Pollution
Recommendations for Household Pharmaceuticals Collection Programs
Recycle More Wisconsins Product Stewardship, pharmaceuticals
Reducing Pharmaceutical Waste at Home
Reducing Pharmaceutical Waste from Patient Care Settings
Reducing Wisconsin's Prescription Drug Abuse: A Call to Action, pharmaceuticals
Removal of Organic Wastewater Contaminants in Septic Systems Using Advanced Treatment Technologies, pharmaceuticals
SE Wisconsin Wood Resource Survey & Utilization Report - 2009 Update
Safe Medicine Disposal for MEA Handbook and Summary Report, pharmaceuticals
San Franciscos Safe Medicine Disposal Pilot Program, pharmaceutical
San Francisco Medicine Waste Characterization Study, pharmaceuticals
Science Direct: Adverse Effects in Wild Fish Living Downstream from Pharmaceutical Manufacture Discharge
Secure Medicine Return Regulations, King County, Washington, pharmaceuticals
Single Stream Recycling
Strategies to Prevent Pharmaceutical Waste, PSI report 2011
Teleosis Institute Green Pharmacy
Teleosis Institute Website on Pharmaceutical Waste Reduction
The Clean Water Community Perspective, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2012
US EPA Bibliographic Database of Publications Relevant to Drug Disposal and Environmental Stewardship, pharmaceuticals
USGS Emerging Contaminants in the Environment, pharmaceuticals
USGS Whats in our Wastewaters and Where does it go?, pharmaceuticals
Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG) Of Hazardous Waste
Veterinary Compliance Assistance  VetCA, pharmaceuticals
Voluntary vs Mandatory Product Stewardship Systems, pharmaceuticals
WI Medical Infectious Waste Management
WI Universal Waste Management
Waste Reduction in the Veterinary Clinic
Wastewater Treatment Plant Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Monitoring Study, pharmaceuticals
Why We Need Regulation for Fair and Effective Stewardship Programs and Why Voluntary Systems are not the Answer, pharmaceuticals
Win-Win Strategies for Preventing & Managing Pharmaceutical Waste Presentation 2012
Wisconsin Developments and Trends in Consumer Medication Collection, Pharmaceutical Summit Presentation 2010
Wisconsin Household Pharmaceutical Waste Collection Challenges and Opportunities
Wisconsin Mailback Drug Cataloging Report, December 2012, pharmaceuticals
Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Waste Reduction and Disposal Flier
Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program, pharmaceuticals
Additional Resources:
Wisconsin Be SMART Coalition

A comprehensive waste reduction resource developed and maintained by UW Extension to promote waste reduction in Southeast Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Pollution Prevention Intern Program

Includes application procedures for both potential student interns and host facilities, as well as highlights from prior years' work.
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