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David S. Liebl
Waste Reduction and Management Specialist
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432 North Lake Street
Room 311
Madison, WI, 53706
Helping Communities to Improve Their Environment. Everyone in a community can contribute to an improved environment. Problems like air pollution, hazardous waste disposal, and storm water management are based on both individual behavior and business and municipal policy. Progressively improving our management techniques can improve the environment for future generations.
Audience & Partners:
Businesses that generate hazardous waste and air emissions
Communities managing air quality, and storm water runoff
Regulatory agencies
Team Membership:
UW-Extension Storm Water Team
Educational Resources:
Burn Barrels
Cleaning Up On The Farm
Industrial Citizenship And Toxics In The Community
Sensible Shoreland Lighting
Small Business Waste Reduction Guide
Writing An Exterior Lighting Ordinance
Identification of hazardous air pollutants in manufacturing processes
Pollution prevention tech-transfer
Watershed-based storm water planning
Avoiding Coal Tar-Based Asphalt Sealcoats
Avoiding High Costs from Stormwater Sediment Contaminated by Coal Tar-Based Sealcoats
Burn Barrels (On-Screen Version)
Burn Barrels (Printable 2-sided Brochure)
Choosing a Coal Tar-Free Sealcoat
Cleaning Up on the Farm - Reducing Liablity from Spills, Dumps, and Waste Materials
Coal Tar-Based Asphalt Sealcoats - A Health and Environmental Hazard
EPA National Manual of Storm Water BMPs
Environmental Best Management Practices for Marinas and Boatyards
Environmental Engineering Consultants Directory
Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
Industrial Citizens as Good Neighbors
Industrial Citizenship and Environmental Compliance
Industrial Citizenship and Environmental Restoration
Industrial Citizenship and Toxics in the Community
Keeping Coal Tar Out of School Yards
Light Pollution and the Planning Profession
Municipal Drinking Water Safety
Sensible Outdoor Lighting - Practices for Preserving the Beauty of the Night
Sensible Shoreland Lighting (On-Screen)
Sensible Shoreland Lighting (Print Verison)
Siting Industrial Facilities - A Community Checklist
Small Business Waste Reduction Guide
Storm Water Business Self-Assessment Guide
Waste Reduction for State Parks - Concepts and Opportunities
Wisconsin Model Lighting Ordinance
Wisconsin Storm Water and Run-Off Information and Resources
Wood Heating Appliances for Homes and Businesses
Wood Smoke Pollution - Are you at risk?
Wood as a Heating Fuel - Air Quality Issues and Options
Writing an Exterior Lighting Ordinance
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