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Joe Van Rossum
Recycling Specialist/Director
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610 Langdon Street
Room 323
Madison, WI, 53703
Joe Van Rossum is a Recycling Specialist for University of Wisconsin-Extension's Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center in Madison. In his role as Recycling Specialist Mr. Van Rossum provides technical assistance to businesses, municipalities and community groups in the area of recycling and solid waste management. He is also the current coordinator for the Wisconsin Master Composter program, which provides training and resources that individuals can use to perform composting related outreach activities.
Audience & Partners:
Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin
Local Government, Industry, and Businesses throughout Wisconsin
US-EPA, Region V
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Team Membership:
Natural Resources
Educational Resources:
Material Recycling Facility Quality Improvement Program
Wisconsin Master Composter Program
Material Recycling Facility operations
Recycling economic impact
Recycling program efficiencies
A Primer on Financing Municipal Recycling and Solid Waste Management Programs
Alternative Usage of Post-Consumer Glass
Appliance Recycling Guide
Automobiles Fluid Management
Barrel Composter
Battery Recycling Guide
Business Purchase of Recycled Products Opportunities and Assistance in Wisconsin
Can Composter
Collection and Storage of Electronic Devices Under E-Cycle Wisconsin
Commercial Compost Bin Trials 1996 -Home Composting
Common Backyard Composting Questions and Answers
Common Barriers to Starting a Compost Pile
Compost Bin Source List
Composting in School (K-12) - Getting Started
Composting with Worms
Computer Recycling Guide
Concrete Block Compost Bin
Contracting for Collection Services: Contract Provisions
Contracting for Municipal Solid Waste Collection Services
Cost of Providing Solid Waste & Recycling - Municipal Survey 2013
Curbside Collection of Recyclables
DEA Rules Summary, phamaceuticals
EPA ORD Webinar on Pharmaceuticals in Municipal Wastewater
Enforcing Local Recycling and Solid Waste Ordinances
Glass Reuse and Recycling Directory
Home Composting Resources
Journal-Environmental Pollution: Concentrations of Prioritized Pharmaceutical Effluents from 50 Large Wastewater Treatment Plants in the US and Implications for Risk Estimation
Journal-Science of the Total Environment: Predicting Variability of Aquatic Concentrations of Human Pharmaceuticals
Journal-Science of the Total Environment: Risks to Aquatic Organisms Posed by Human Pharmaceutical Use
Leaf and Yard Material Collection Practices in Wisconsin
Making and Using Compost in the Garden
Management of Fluorescent Lamps
Master Composter Home Study Course
Master Composter Resource Guide
Master Composter Resource Page
Material Manufacturing and Recycling - Glass
Material Manufacturing and Recycling - Metals
Material Manufacturing and Recycling - Paper
Material Manufacturing and Recycling - Plastics
Material Manufacturing and Recycling - Tires
Mobile Grinding, Screening and Crushing Contractors
Multiple Quantity Order Compost Bin Source List
Municipal Contracts for Solid Waste Services
Options for Managing Leaves
Producer Responsibility: the Right Approach to Managing Solid Wastes in Times of Lean Government, pharmaceuticals
Product Stewardship Institute Pharmaceutical Take-back Information Sheet
Recycling Brochure Creation Tool
Recycling Brochure Creation-Sample
Recycling Business Survey Results
Recycling Containers, Carts, and Bins - Source List
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports & Graphs 2007
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports & Graphs 2008
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports & Graphs 2009
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports & Graphs 2010
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports & Graphs 2011
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports 2005
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports 2006
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports 2008
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports 2009
Recycling Market Price Data - Monthly Reports 2010
Recycling Market Price Data Graphs 1996-2011
Recycling Market Price Data Graphs 2007-2011
Research Review of Best Practices in Campaigns to Promote Recycling
SHWEC 2005 Activity Report
SHWEC 2006 Activity Report
SHWEC 2007 Activity Report
SHWEC 2010 Activity Report
SHWEC 2011 Activity Report
SHWEC 2012 Activity Report
SHWEC 2013 Activity Report
SHWEC 2014 Activity Report
SHWEC Overview
SHWEC Overview
Sample Audit Checklist for EMS
Setting up a Home Composting Demonstration Site
USGS Pharmaceuticals and Other Chemicals in Landfill Waste
Unused Pharmaceuticals Where Do They End Up? A Snapshot of European Collection Schemes -- by Health Care Without Harm, pharmaceuticals
Vermi-Composting Resources
Vermi-Composting Supplies Source List
Waste Management Strategies for Small Businesses
Waste Tire Collection
Waste in Wisconsin - An Basic Overview
Wire Compost Bin
Wisconsin Compost Facility Survey Results - 2007
Wisconsin Compost Facility Survey Results - 2012
Wisconsin HHW Program Survey Report - 2013
Wisconsin Material Recovery Facilities
Wisconsin's New E-waste Law Implications for Local Governments
Wisconsin's Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grant-2006 Summary
Wisconsin's Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grant-2007 Summary
Wisconsin's Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grant-2008 Summary
Wood and Wire Compost Bin
Wooden 3-Bin Compost Unit
Wooden Pallet Compost Bin
Additional Resources:
Master Composter Resource Page

Web pages with resources for use by instructors in teaching home composting workshops.
Recycling Brochure Creation Tool

This tool enables local recycling programs to create a printable brochure customized for their program.
Recycling Managers Corner

Clearing house of weblinks and resources for local recycling program managers
Too Valuable To Waste

Wisconsin DNR produced video that links recycling with jobs and economic development.
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