Administrative Core
Key Functions
Overall Management
  • Develop, Promote and Manage SMSC resources
  • Develop Strategies for Active Collaboration with interdisciplinary research community
  • Monitor federal research guidelines compliance
  • Promote SMSC as a research community resource, enabling sharing across NINR-funded Centers
  • Test SMSC Contextual Framework (Context, Process, and Outcome Framework for Self-Management)
  • Activate Sustainability Plan
Financial Management
CON Assistant Dean Mr. Jose Zafra oversees both grant & day-to-day SMSC financial management and meets bi-monthly with project directors to plan & manage project budgets.

Post Award Services
  • SMSC Director Dr. Rachel Schiffman assists project directors with start up activities & oversees federal research guidelines compliance, including:
    • UWM computer network usage—ensuring mandated antivirus software updates and security protocols
    • Adherence to Security Guidelines for Personal Health Information
    • Password and/or Biometric protection of all data stored on portable devices & removable media
Center Evaluation
  • Outside Evaluation will be contracted & overseen by Advisory Council
  • Internal Evaluation is multi-faceted & ongoing; overseen by Executive Committee