Advisory Committee
Members of the Advisory Committee are:

Dr. Roger Smith, PhD, OT, FAOTA, is a Professor of Health Sciences and Director of UWM Rehabilitation Research Design & Disability Center. He has an extensive program of research related to disability measurement and the use of assistive technology. He is providing consultation to support self-managment interventions. Currently, Dr. Smith directs several projects funded by the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) and other agencies.

Dr. Michael Fendrich, PhD, is Director of the UWM Center for Addiction & Behavioral Health Research (CABR) and a Professor of Social Work in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. His work has been supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute of Justice, among others. He provides the SMSC expertise in behavior change and behavior measurement.

Dr. Ann Snyder, PhD, Professor, UWM College of Health Sciences. Dr. Snyder's research interests lie in the physiological responses to exercise and the adaptations which occur following physical training. Dr. Snyder has previously worked with individuals from UWM and MCW to enhance the nutritional and physical activities of targeted Milwaukee children and their families. As a Scientific Advisor, Dr. Snyder will mentor SMSC investigators to integrate physiological variables into their research as appropriate.

Dr. David Gutterman, a physician, is Northwestern Mutual Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The UWM CON currently partners with the Medical College for a Clinical and Translational Science Award application (CTSA) focused on enhancing interdisciplinary research in the Milwaukee community.

Dr. Robert Kliegman, a physician, is Executive Vice President of the Children's Research Institute, Pediatrician-in-Chief and Chair in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin , and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Medical College of Wisconsin. As a physiological and genomic researcher he is facilitating creation of interdisciplinary research teams by connecting SMSC and Medical College scientists possessing similar interests and/or complementary skills.

Dr. Kathryn Leonhardt, a physician, is Patient Safety Officer and Medical Director of Care Management, Aurora Health Care. She is an expert in patient partnership models to improve patient safety and currently collaborates with Dr. Karen Marek on a project to develop a web-based medication list for patient and provider access. She facilitates collaboration of SMSC and Aurora Health Care scientists.

External Consultants
Dr. Margaret Grey is Dean and Annie Goodrich Professor at Yale University, School of Nursing. She is a national expert in self-management and is Director of a P30 Center for Self and Family Management of Vulnerable Populations. She provides expertise in the development and testing of self-management interventions as well as consultation for Center management and sustainability planning.

Dr. Kate Lorig, RN, Dr PH, is a Professor and Director,Patient Education Research Center, at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She is one of the country's leading experts in self-management and behavior change. UWM's SMSC is consulting Dr. Lorig for the testing of its conceptual framework.

Dr. Kathleen Knafl is Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs at Oregon Health & Science School of Nursing. As a leading expert in family research and family management of children with chronic illness, she has authored landmark publications in research of families and the conceptualization of family management. She lends to the SMSC her expertise in family self-management and the creation of an interdisciplinary research environment.