Administrative Leadership Application

Application Process

Seek Admission to the UWM Graduate School

Complete the online application at Students applying for the Online Master's degree programs must also fill out a short questionnaire.

The master's degree application checklist (PDF), may be a helpful resource. For more information on international admissions, please visit the Center for International Education's website.

Read the instructions carefully and complete the forms accurately. On your application, please be sure to indicate which concentration in the Department of Administrative Leadership you are applying for:

• Adult and Continuing Education Leadership
• Educational Administration and Supervision
• Higher Education Administration

Answers to some commonly asked questions are available in the FAQ section, which can be found in the section directly below. If you have additional questions regarding the application process, you may contact Administrative Leadership at or 414-229-4740, or the Graduate School through its website at

Allow For Action on Your Application

After completing the application process, students will receive a letter with their PAWS login and password so they can monitor the status of their application. The Graduate School will send your application to the Department of Administrative Leadership by campus mail for review and recommendation. The recommendation is usually provided the day the application is received. After the department recommendation, the Graduate School will finalize the admittance and send the student an official letter indicating admittance status.

Plan Your Program

If action on your application is favorable, you will receive a letter from the Department Chairperson suggesting an advisor to consult concerning the planning of your master's degree program. You should contact your advisor as soon as possible after admission. You should let your advisor know the courses for which you enroll each semester; any changes in an approved program must have advisor approval. Your advisor will be glad to discuss with you any questions you may have in relation to your professional objectives and your studies at UWM.

Be Aware of Program Completion Time Limits

Master's degree programs must be completed within seven years of admission. For students in full-time residence, it is possible to complete master's degree requirements in one academic year, plus one or two summers. Part-time students are likely to require from three to five years to complete degree requirements, depending on whether or not they attend summer sessions.

Complete A Master's Capstone Project

Graduate School regulations require all students to complete an e-Portfolio for the Master's Degree. The e-Portfolio ascertains whether or not each student is able to apply knowledge, understandings and concepts included in the Master's program to questions, situations or problems of an administrative nature. More information about the electronic portfolio can be found here.

Note Departmental Grade Requirements

Students who receive a grade of "C" or below in any departmental course, or a "B -" in two departmental courses, may be dropped from the program.

Application Information FAQ

Administrative Leadership Application Information FAQ's (PDF)

Applicant Questionnaire - Online Master's Program

Access to the questionnaire for applicants to the Online Master's Degree program.

Financial Support Information

Administrative Leadership Financial Support Information (PDF)