Higher Education Administration

The concentration in Higher Education Administration seeks to strengthen higher education opportunities by preparing individuals who foster organizational development and change within an increasingly complex and global society, and who nurture within individuals, groups, organizations, and society skills in and commitment to lifelong learning. A major focus of the program is preparing leaders for urban higher education institutions who honor diversity and difference among people, groups and societies. Preparing leaders for urban education institutions is a major focus of the program.

Program Overview

In order to prepare students to make substantial social change, they must have a clear understanding of how to create inclusive policies, practices, and environments. As an equity focused program, we believe in the following principles:

Theory to Practice:
We believe theories and research should inform international, national, and community policies and practices in higher education. We believe our graduates should be able to use research and theory to guide their practice.

Leadership Focused:
We believe graduates should be prepared to use leadership skills in dynamic ways in order make transformative changes within higher education.

Equity Centered:
We believe graduates should have the language, tools, knowledge, and skills to create equity centered higher education environments.

Collaborative Learning:
We believe graduates should be able to work across different levels of abilities, world views, diversity, and knowledge in multiple work environments. We believe graduates should be critical thinkers in order to solve problems and cultivate solutions to change the landscape of higher education both collectively and individually.

Community Partnership Research:
We believe that graduate students should be able to collaboratively work with communities in order to inform their practice. As faculty members, we are committed to producing scholarship that includes and promotes collaborative and participatory engagement.

Face-to Face Program Focus Area

Program Requirements, Overview and FAQ Sheet (PDF)

Online Program Focus Area

Program Requirements, Overview and FAQ Sheet (PDF)

Application Information

For more information on the Application Process, please visit the the Administrative Leadership Application Information webpage.

Advising Information

Liliana Mina, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator
Phone: 414-416-5942
E-Mail: minal@uwm.edu

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