Curriculum & Instruction

Through research, teaching and service, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction educates individuals to provide and advocate for equitable educational experiences that foster learning. Our program offerings include:

Teaching for grades PreK - 12
Add-on and Supplemental Certifications
Teaching the Arts
Graduate Programs

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Undergraduate Degrees & Post-Baccalaureate Certifications


Bachelor of Fine Arts




EC-A Certification

Early Childhood

Certification, Bachelor's, Master's


Certification, Bachelor's, Master's

English as a Second Language

Certification, Bachelor's

Library Media Specialist


Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence

Certification, Bachelor's, Master's


Certification , Bachelor's , Master's


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Reading Teacher


Reading Specialist



Certification, Bachelor's, Master's

Social Studies

Certification, Bachelor's, Master's


Bachelor of Fine Arts

World Languages

Certification, Bachelor's, Master's

Graduate Programs

Curriculum & Instruction

Focus areas in:

Ph.D. in Urban Education
Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

Professional Development Programs for Teachers

UWM Post-Baccalaureate Reading Teacher Certification Program

UWM Post-Baccalaureate Reading Specialist Certification Program

UWM's Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers the Reading Teacher Program and the Reading Specialist Program, for certified classroom teachers who have a special interest in reading.

University of Wisconsin Reading Research Symposium

The UW Reading Research Symposium provides a two-day forum for nationally known researchers to share their work with educators in the state of Wisconsin.

The Professional Development Academy

The Professional Development Academy is designed to support induction-level elementary and secondary teachers and to build the leadership capacity of experienced teachers. Courses are offered for graduate or undergraduate credit. A non-credit option is available for those who are using courses to meet the requirements of their Professional Development Plan.

UW-Milwaukee Writing Project

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project is a member site of the National Writing Project. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project dedicates itself to improving the teaching and learning of writing in classrooms throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Each year, the UWMWP invites exemplary teachers, from all subject areas, pre-kindergarten through university, to participate in an exciting and intensive five-week Summer Institute on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After the Institute, these master teachers join the network UWMWP/NWP Teacher Consultants in a continuing effort to improve literacy education in Wisconsin schools by sponsoring teacher research and ongoing programs of professional improvement.

Field Experience and Student Teaching

Please access our Field Experience and Student Teaching page, for information regarding Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience and Student Teaching policies, FAQ's and Field Office Information.