Bilingual Add-On Certification

The Bilingual Program is available for students who plan to teach in a classroom where two languages (English and another language) are used for instruction. Bilingual Program students gain real world experience in the classroom by student teaching at area schools. Students who satisfactorily complete the program requirements also meet the Wisconsin teacher certification requirements for those grades.

A Bilingual Certification will result in an additional certification at the same level as your initial license. Students must already have or be in process of completing certification requirements for one of the following programs:

• Early Childhood
• Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence
• Early Adolescence through Adolescence: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, or Science
• Early Childhood through Adolescence: English as a Second Language or World Languages

Languages Offered:

• Spanish
• Hmong
• Lao

Bilingual Coursework and Program Requirements

Your program sheet is your road map to completing your program. It outlines the courses you need to complete and any additional requirements for obtaining your certification.

You are encouraged to meet with your advisor each semester to determine if you are on track. The program sheet, your transcript, and your advisement report are all used by your advisor to chart your progress.

A copy of your program sheet is maintained in your student file but you should also request an updated copy each time you meet with your academic advisor. Keep this copy for your own records.

Bilingual Program Sheet - Undergraduate (PDF)

Bilingual Program Sheet - Post Baccalaureate (PDF)

Bilingual Teacher Certification Program Application

Applicants applying for an add-on certification in Bilingual Education must be licensed as a teacher already OR submit an application packet for admission for an initial certification AND a certification in Bilingual Education.

Download the application (PDF)

Curriculum and Instruction Advising

Visit the Curriculum and Instruction Advising webpage for more advising information.

Faculty and Staff

Program Director

Tatiana Joseph

Program Faculty and Faculty Advisors

Antonieta Avila
Tatiana Joseph

Program Academic Advisor

Kristin Roosevelt (Last Name A - L)
John Lockman (Last Name M - Z)