Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence

The Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence Program (MCEA) is designed for students seeking to teach at the middle childhood-early adolescence level (ages 6 - 12 or 13, grades 1 - 8).

This program prepares students to work in urban settings and takes place in close partnership with local school districts. The UWM School of Education's urban mission is upheld in the MCEA program to preparing preservice teachers to meet the needs of diverse populations. Students are admitted into the MCEA program upon admission to the University, and it is possible to complete the program in four years.

Students who satisfactorily meet program requirements will be recommended for student teaching. Upon successful completion of all student teaching requirements, including several state required assessments, students will receive a Bachelor's degree in Education, a Cultures and Communities certificate, and licensure to teach children in grades one through eight (with two minors in English/Language Arts or Social Studies AND Math or Natural Science ) in the State of Wisconsin.

After completion of the MCEA program, students may opt to obtain an add-on certification in Exceptional Education or English as a Second Language or Bilingual by completing streamlined course paths that include additional student teaching requirement.

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